Michigan Named Top Online Gambling State By American Gaming Association

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has named Michigan the state that gambles online the most of all U.S. states. While it is not a particularly proud moment for the state in today’s modern age, the act of gambling is not as taboo as it used to be. 

According to the study conducted by the AGA, Michigan wagered approximately $1.92 billion on poker, blackjack, and other online casino games. The study also showed a new revenue record for the third year. In 2023, the total revenue for all domestic casino games, in-person sports betting, and iGaming was $66.52 billion. 

Most Popular Online Gambling States

USA CasinosSince most U.S. states do not have domestic online casinos, many gamblers turn to legal online betting sites that service American players. Only six states allow online gambling services from state-licensed sites: New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. Nevada also offers online poker but not casino titles, and New Hampshire recently passed an online casino bill that has yet to go into effect. 

According to the AGA, gambling in Michigan generated $192 billion in revenue, followed closely by New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and West Virginia. 

Popular USA Gambling Markets & Revenue

When it comes to the biggest gambling markets in the United States, Vegas reigns supreme. However, today, there are numerous gambling markets that provide good revenue for their states.

The financial statistics for various prominent regions in the United States are as follows:

  • The Las Vegas Strip in Nevada has generated a staggering $8.833 billion.
  • Atlantic City in New Jersey boasts an impressive revenue of $2.859 billion.
  • Chicagoland, situated in Illinois, has accumulated a substantial sum of $2.191 billion.
  • The Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area has contributed significantly with $2.081 billion.
  • Along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, revenues have reached a notable $1.590 billion.
  • Queens-Yonkers in New York has seen earnings totaling $1.553 billion.
  • Philadelphia, located in Pennsylvania, has recorded a commendable $1.374 billion.
  • Detroit in Michigan has amassed a considerable $1.237 billion.
  • St. Louis, Missouri, has reported revenues amounting to $1.072 billion.
  • Although slightly lower, the Boulder Strip in Nevada has generated a noteworthy $964.7 million.

Are Online Casinos Legal In The U.S.?

While not every state has passed online gambling laws, every state has access to online casino sites that operate legally from trusted gaming jurisdictions worldwide. Only the state of Washington has outright banned online gambling sites. However, they do not prevent access to online casinos.