New Casino Games & Sports Betting Options Go Live In Florida

Now that the Federal Supreme Court has cleared the way for new casino games and domestic sports betting in Florida, the Seminole Casinos around the state are ready to launch their new gambling options.

The new casino games added to all tribal casinos in the state of Florida will now include craps and roulette tables in addition to their already-in-place slots, poker, and blackjack options. 

The new table games and sports betting options went live late last week in Florida.

Casino Woe’s In Florida

After several legal attempts to stop the launch of mobile sports betting and new casino-style games, the federal Supreme Court has nullified all claims, and the Seminole tribe is set to go. While the Seminole tribe expects more legal actions in the future, they are ready to launch their new gambling endeavors despite the backlash that might follow from a select few. 

In 2021, the Seminole Tribe of Florida signed a new compact with the state of Florida that gave them the right to implement new casino-style games and a sports betting platform. The 2021 compact gave the Seminole Tribe exclusivity over sports betting in the state for $500 million per year.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal In Florida?

Seminole casinos cannot offer their services online; however, they have a free app where you can play online casino games, but wagering is not permitted. 

Most Floridians still utilize legal online casinos outside the United States that operate under supervision from trusted gaming commissions. Offshore online casinos use legal from their jurisdiction and ask their US players to follow local ordinances to ensure they are not breaking local laws. Only the state of Washington has outright banned online gambling; other states restrict what can be played, but for the most part, betting at an offshore casino is legal under current US gambling laws

What Casino Gambling Options Are Legal In Florida?

Now that the 2021 gaming compact is in order, Florida casinos can offer all the same games you typically find in a Vegas casino. Popular games include blackjack betting, poker, slots, baccarat, and now craps and roulette tables. 

While there are only a handful of tribal casinos throughout Florida, numerous card rooms, racetracks, a state lottery, and sports teams can also be wagered on in the state. Today, gambling in Florida has many options for both in-person and online wagerers.