Trump’s Odds Suggest No Jail Time And Several Guilty Verdicts

GOP front-runner and former President Donald Trump is facing four separate indictments while seeking the Oval Office in 2024. Much of what Trump does is unprecedented, but political betting sites believe that his Presidential aspirations could be thwarted by a guilty verdict or two in the coming months

What’s at stake is the future of the United States. If Trump is cleared of all charges, he can pursue the White House, where he’s leading Republican polling by a landslide. Trump has a very real chance at winning his reelection bid, but only if he can keep his eligibility for office intact.

The Stormy Daniels Trial

When Trump allegedly paid for adult movie star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an extramarital affair, he used campaign funds and then misreported them on tax filings. New York prosecutors threw the book at Trump, and there’s a 2-in-3 chance that the charges will stick.

Trump Odds Of Guilt In Stormy Daniels Trial

  • Yes -200
  • No +150

Oddsmakers believe that Trump will most likely be found guilty of 25 or more counts in New York, with positive moneylines offered on all other outcomes.

Number Of Guilty Charges For Trump In Stormy Daniels Case

  • 25+ Counts -125
  • Under 5 Counts +200
  • Between 5-24 Counts +250

The following political prop bet implies that there’s no way that Trump will see jail time, at least for these Stormy Daniels-related charges. The -8000 moneyline for no jail time translates to a probability of 99%.

If Found Guilty Of Hush Money, Will Donald Trump Go To Prison?

  • Yes +1200
  • No -8000

The January 6th Case

Once again, “the Donald” is expected to be found guilty of at least one charge regarding the occurrences at and around the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More January 6th Charges?

  • Yes -300
  • No +220

According to the odds, there is a 75% chance of guilt for Trump, with the most probable outcome being a guilty verdict on all four counts.

Number Of Guilty Counts For Trump In January 6th Case

  • 4 Counts -500
  • Between 1-3 Counts +450
  • 0 Counts +550

Mishandling Of Classified Documents Case

Of the current Presidential Candidates, Trump is not the only one who withheld classified documents, but he is the only one who did not cooperate when asked to return them.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Classified Documents Charges?

  • Yes -350
  • No +245

Trump appears headed for another loss. Related betting lines favor an outcome where he’s found guilty of 34 or more counts.

Number Of Guilty Counts For Trump In Classified Documents Case

  • 34+ Counts -250
  • Under 10 Counts +225
  • Between 10-33 Counts +700

Trump’s Georgia Election Fraud Case

The best odds of Trump getting off the hook are in his GA election tampering case. State prosecutors allege that Trump tried to reverse the election outcome in 2020 in an effort to secure Georgia’s votes.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of Any 2020 Presidential Election Charges In GA?

  • Yes -145
  • No +110

His odds of not guilty are pretty close to 50/50, and it’s a good thing, too, because Trump would have to potentially serve his jail sentence at Fulton County Jail.

Number Of Guilty Counts In Georgia For Trump

  • 11-13 Counts -240
  • 0-2 Counts +280
  • 3-10 Counts +350

The jail is currently under investigation for civil rights violations and is in a state of disrepair. Inmates are routinely murdered, so Trump would be wise to request solitary confinement if incarcerated there.

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