Twitch Updates Policy For Online Casino Gambling Streams

The popular streaming service Twitch recently updated its policy on streaming gambling platforms to protect its users from the dangers of unlicensed online casino gambling, sports betting, and poker.

In a statement released in late 2022, Twitch updated its community guidelines. Streamers can only stream casino games licensed in the United States or from other well-respected jurisdictions such as the Isles of Man, Curacao, and Malta. To clarify their new policy, Twitch released the following tweet.

Popular Casino Streams On Twitch

Since the inception of Twitch, many streamers have carved a path to gain followers by offering an inside look at online casino gambling. Popular games include slots, poker, blackjack, and more.

While Twitch gained popularity by offering video game streaming content from professional and amateur players, online gambling streams have exploded on the platform. Due to the popularity of watching other people win real money by risking it all, Twitch decided to blacklist sites that are not considered legitimate in the eyes of the law.

Online Gambling Laws In The United States

The United States federal government does not forbid online gambling; they simply leave those regulations to the individual states. US gambling laws only restrict funding offshore businesses, and sometimes those restrictions can cause trouble for American players trying to send money overseas.

Online casino sites often offer alternative banking options for casino players to make depositing options easier for American gamblers. Alternative banking options often include digital currencies, wire transfers, player vouchers, and Person2Person, in addition to Visa/MasterCard deposit options.

What Punishment Do Twitch Creators Receive For Streaming Unlicensed Gambling Sites?

If a streamer decides to break the new Twitch policy for gambling, their page will be removed from the platform, and their internet address could be blacklisted. Twitch stated that they would first issue a warning if the streamer does not know the policy update, but more drastic measures will be enacted after a notice or two.

Twitch also goes one step further by restricting what streamers can share on their pages. Affiliate links and viewer-based bonus codes have never been allowed on the platform.