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Betting on the odds and lines to win the Stanley Cup is one of the most historic and popular wagers you can make on the NHL.

The Stanley Cup is arguably the most prestigious trophy given to a champion in all of sports, having been first awarded in 1893 and holding the record as the world’s oldest trophy to be awarded to any major professional sports team – meaning wagers on its final date back over a century.

For wagering on both the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals, it is our goal to provide you with the best information for legally betting on hockey and who will lift the most iconic sports trophy in the world at the end of the NHL season.

Are Online Sportsbooks for Stanley Cup Odds Legal in the United States?

Offshore: It is legal to place a bet on the Stanley Cup any of the sports betting sites we review and can safely recommend. The law only prohibits sportsbooks from operating inside the country, but any that operate outside the country are legal and can accept wagers from people inside the United States.

Domestic: Stanley Cup betting on the soil of the United States is dependent on whether the state has legalized sports betting inside state lines. Since the PASPA repeal, some states have begun licensing sportsbooks as a result, but even so, the options are severely limited and many states do not allow online sports wagering.

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Top Legal Stanley Cup Betting Sites for the USA

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2020 Stanley Cup – NHL Format for Playoffs and Finals

For the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the top 8 teams in the Eastern Conference and the top 8 teams from the Western Conference are seeded on each side of a double-sided bracket.

The highest seed plays the lowest seed at the start, and each round is a best-of-seven series with the winner needing four wins to advance to the next round.

After two rounds, the two remaining teams in both the Eastern and Western Conference play in the NHL Conference Finals and the two winners from the third-round advances to the fourth and final round.

The final round, known as the Stanley Cup Finals, is the last best-of-seven played and determines the NHL champion for the season and which team will be allowed to touch and lift Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Current NHL Odds to Win the 2020 Stanley Cup

When betting on the NHL, one of the most common bets placed is who will win the Stanley Cup at the end of the season. Below are the current odds for the 2019-20 NHL season.

Betting on NHL Stanley Cup Odds – Futures Explained

Futures are one of the most common types of bets you hear about from sports news outlets, and teams are typically given odds to win the championship – in this case, the Stanley Cup – right after the previous seasons’ finals are over.

These betting lines won’t pay out until next season is decided, but due to being so far in advance gives your wager much more value since being right is rather difficult to do because of the uncertainty of knowing the winner so far into the future.

Predicting the winner of the Stanley Cup weeks or months ahead of time is one of the most challenging tasks in the entirety of online sports betting.

So how can we do that?

To properly rundown the best way to place a bet on the odds to lift the Cup, we need to look at the recent history of Stanley Cup and examine the teams who made it to the finals. Here, we’re looking for how many points in the standings they accrued during the regular season since the format was changed in 2014.

2018: Washington Capitals (105 pts) win series 4-1 against Vegas Golden Knights (109 pts)
2017: Pittsburgh Penguins (111 pts) win series 4-2 against Nashville Predators (94 pts)
2016: Pittsburgh Penguins (104 pts) win series 4-2 against San Jose Sharks (98 pts)
2015: Chicago Blackhawks (102 pts) win series 4-2 against Tampa Bay Lightning (108 pts)
2014: Los Angeles Kings (100 pts) win series 4-1 against New York Rangers (96 pts)

Since 2014, the winner of the Stanley Cup has never had fewer than 100 points at the end of the regular season standings. Combining all the winners together gives us an average of 104.4 points earned in the regular season standings, which means a bet you bet on to win it all should meet both the minimum and the average requirements.

For teams that made it to the finals but lost, we get a much wider disparity among team points, since the highest points earned was 109 but the lowest was 94. However, the average for the losing team is 101 points, but three of the five losing teams fell under the 100-point mark. These three were lower seeded teams who ultimately would come up just shy of winning it all.

While this shouldn’t completely determine your bet on which team will win the Stanley Cup, it should narrow down the field considerably since the winner must earn 100 points in the regular season under the new format.

Until an NHL team wins with less than 100 points, then betting on a team you think will go over that amount is the safest bet – with 104.4 points being a good indicator.

Top 10 Stanley Cup Fun Facts – Did You Know?

  1. In total, there are currently three Stanley Cups on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame: The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the Presentation Cup, and the corrected spelling trophy known as the Permanent Cup.
  2. The Stanley Cup of most commonly seen and used today is made of silver and nickel alloy, weighing in at 34.5 pounds along with being 35.25 inches tall.
  3. The Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 24 times and have made the finals a total of 34 times – both more than any other NHL team. The Detroit Red Wings have won the trophy more than of any team based in the United States, winning 11 times in total.
  4. Since the 1914-1915 season, the Stanley Cup has been awarded every year except in 1919 due to the Spanish flu epidemic, and in 2005, due to the lockout in the NHL.
  5. The Stanley Cup is not owned by the NHL but has an agreement with two groups that own it and are known as the Canadian Trustees of the Cup. This group hires round-the-clock security to ensure the Stanley Cup is safe and these individuals are known as the “Keepers of the Cup.”
  6. Along with keeping the Stanley Cup safe, the Keepers of the Cup are to make sure no one touches the trophy after the winning team gives it back to the trustees. All members who work on the trophy to keep it polished and even the presenter of the trophy to the latest winning team must use gloves because of the tradition that only the winning team should be the first to touch the trophy.
  7. Since 1958, the NHL has used five silver rings or bands underneath the Stanley Cup to engrave the winning teams on the trophy. When a ring fills up, the oldest is take off the trophy and put into Lord Stanley’s Vault in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and a new blank ring is put on and filled with the names of future champions.
  8. Since becoming the de facto official trophy of the NHL in 1926, there have only been four engravers of the Stanley Cup. The current engraver sanctioned by the NHL is Louise St. Jacques.
  9. When a team wins the Stanley Cup, the team gets to keep the trophy for 100 days during the off-season and players, coaches, staff, and owners can spend time with it.
  10. Winners of the trophy have done some crazy things to the trophy over the years when they get a day or so with it and it’s known to have been used for drinking alcohol, baptizing a baby, eating spaghetti, soup, and ice cream, playing with an octopus, planting flowers, taking a shower, traveling the world, and much more we don’t know has been done to the bowl of the Stanley Cup.

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