Legal 2023 Wimbledon Betting Guide

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Enthusiasts of legal betting on tennis in the USA always gear up for the biggest major tournament of the year - The Championships, Wimbledon. Dating all the way back to 1877, it is the oldest tennis tournament still in play today and is considered the top championship on the ATP and WTA circuit, and legal Wimbledon tennis betting draws more wagering action than any other major.

In the following sections, we provide readers with a list of the best legal online sportsbook sites doing business in the United States today and offering Wimbledon tennis odds and match lines.

We also serve up the legalities involved with betting on Wimbledon odds at the world's top online tennis betting sites, and discuss the bonus options, mobile apps, and other perks that they offer.

Is Wimbledon Betting Legal In 2024?


Legal US online sports betting is legal in the United States and there are many different ways of going about it.

Domestic Tennis Sportsbooks -  Regulated sports betting sites have been made lawful in many US states, and wagering on tennis is a common option at these venues. Domestic books are able to operate online, via mobile sportsbook apps, and at retail locations, with the latter being the most common option.

International Wimbledon Sportsbook Sites - Offshore sportsbooks can legally take bets on Wimbledon matches inside of the USA due to a lack of gambling laws in place to govern them. Because of this legal scenario, overseas-based tennis sportsbook sites can accept action on Wimbledon odds over the web without violating any existing laws.

Bovada Sportsbook
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Tennis betting hits its annual height during Wimbledon, with the famous tennis tournament turning a bigger handle than any other tennis major on the calendar. So, if you want to bet on Wimbledon, Bovada LV is the best choice, as the site offers more Wimbledon odds than any other online tennis sportsbook.

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Best Wimbledon Betting Sites In The USA

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About The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon ImageThe oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is an annual tourney that takes place in England over a mid-summer fortnight. Like the US Open, there are 24 rounds of tennis in total in this tournament, with 7 each for men's and women's singles matches, and 6 for adult doubles (men's, women's, mixed).

And there are even rounds played for boys' and girls' matches, singles, and doubles. Even in America, where tennis isn't a big three sport, Wimbledon still takes precedence over normal programming and is shown on the main ESPN channel.

Betting On Wimbledon Online

To take advantage of the top Wimbledon tennis sportsbook sites and their many benefits, an account must be created first. Member accounts can be set up in short order by following these steps:

  1. Click through each of the online tennis betting sites we link to on this page and decide which one has the tennis odds that are the most intriguing.
  2. Once the book has been chosen, venture to the homepage of said tennis betting site and click the join icon.
  3. Enter your account data and ensure that it is accurate so there are no issues when it comes time to withdraw funds.
  4. The following page will ask for the first deposit so that there are betting funds in your online bankroll to wager with.
  5. Once your sportsbook account is funded, bet on Wimbledon odds, tennis match lines, props, or futures and collect your winnings.

Betting On Wimbledon Match Lines

Each match taking place in The Championships, Wimbledon will receive a game line at all of the online tennis betting sites that we endorse here at Legal Betting Online. These Wimbledon lines will always include a set spread, moneyline odds for outright winner betting, and an over/under for how many games the match will last.

Betting On Wimbledon Futures Odds

Wimbledon futures, just like in any other sport, will offer lists of all qualified tennis players and provide moneyline odds next to their name. Futures odds will be provided for the eventual Men's and Women's Wimbledon Champion, and are usually posted online well in advance of the opening round.

The only downside to tennis futures is that they will not pay out until the Wimbledon Finals are over, but on the other side of the coin, the earlier that bettors place their wagers, the better the payouts will be.

Live Wimbledon Betting Odds

After each Wimbledon match begins, live betting odds begin to take action at the USA's best tennis betting sites. Tennis odds for game spreads, moneylines, and props remain live and continue to receive action until the match is over or until the book pulls them from the boards.

No matter the reason that they appeal to you, live Wimbledon odds are always there for each and every match when browsing the top online sportsbooks we recommend above. Again, just don't wait too long to place your Wimbledon bets because the live tennis odds can disappear at any moment during the match.

The Best Wimbledon Betting Apps For 2024

Sometimes bet schedules don't adhere to the fast pace of life and sports gamblers might forget to place a tennis bet on Wimbledon odds prior to the start of the match. If this sounds like you, then the mobile sportsbook apps from our top tennis betting sites are just what you need.

Because these apps are web-based, all that is needed to bet on Wimbledon on the go is an up-to-date mobile browser and a connection to the net. Once smartphones and tablets click on one of our recommended sportsbook links, their device will become a portable Wimbledon betting machine instantly.

Banking Options For Wimbledon Betting

Just in case you haven't heard, cryptocurrency is one of the top sportsbook deposit and withdrawal options going today.  Whether it is betting on sports with Bitcoin (BTC) or funding your account with Ethereum, cryptocurrency offers the fastest and most secure transactions in the industry that leave the US Dollar in the dust.

Most online sportsbooks prefer cryptocurrency themselves and extend bonus offers that are exponentially larger than those offered for USD deposits.

Deposit Options

  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Cards
  • Gambling Vouchers
  • Debit Cards
  • Third-Party Money Transfer Services
  • Cashier's Check
  • Zelle
  • Cryptocurrency
    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Ripple
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Litecoin
    • Ethereum
    • Stellar
    • USD Coin
    • Chainlink

Withdrawal Options

  • Wire Transfer
  • Vouchers
  • Cashier's Check
  • Cryptocurrency - The only method that pays out in less than a day!

Wimbledon Sportsbook Bonus Offers

Each time a deposit is made at one of the sportsbook sites that we advocate for Wimbledon betting, no matter if it is the first or a follow-up transaction, it will qualify for a matching bonus.

These sportsbook promotional offers match a portion of deposits and stuff online bankrolls with extra bonus cash for wagering on tennis odds, up to 100% and $1,000 or more, depending on where you look and what time of year it is.

Two things to note about sportsbook bonus offers is that there are often terms associated that must be completed before withdrawals can be made. Also, there is no obligation to accept a bonus to become a member. It is entirely up to the bettor.

Most All-Time Wimbledon Championships


  • Roger Federer - 8
  • Pete Sampras - 7
  • Novak Djokovic - 7
  • Bjorn Borg - 5


  • Martina Navratilova - 9
  • Steffi Graf - 7
  • Serena Williams - 7
  • Billie Jean King - 6
  • Venus Williams - 5

Tips for Betting on the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

1: Research the Field

32 players from each main singles category will be seeded in the opening rounds of Wimbledon according to their international rankings, with 16 teams being formed typically through the field of singles.

Now, it's a little unrealistic that you'd become an expert on all 64 men's and women's singles players, but you can look at the top rankings. And a great tip to use here is to wait 'til at least the quarters before you start betting. Attempting to bet on the wider field is more difficult unless you're really a tennis fan who keeps up with the players.

It's best to research and follow the top players who thin the field out.

2: Find A Legit Tennis Sportsbook Site

You're also going to need to find a good sportsbook. You should look for a book that gives you plenty of betting options. For instance, you may end up wanting to bet on more than a common spread. You might want to bet individual sets, match times, or even straight-up even wins, if you can find evenly matched players in a bout.

3: Bet Only on What you Feel Comfortable

After finding a good sportsbook with which to bet, you may be tempted to participate in a lot of props bets or a lot of action in general. But you should stick with what you feel most comfortable betting. For instance, if you're a big fan of women's singles, then stick with this branch and don't worry about men's matches or doubles. Unfamiliar betting is losing betting.

4: Never Over-Extend Yourself

Every gambler has faced a bet that they thought was a surefire win. Regardless of the odds, you just know X is going to win the match! It's a lock. This is something every gambler deals with, but few deal with correctly. Often is the case that the "lock" ends up being a flop, and a lot of money is lost. So never over-extend yourself on bets. Bet reasonably and responsibly on all bets, and don't chase wins.

5: Stay Realistic

You also must stay realistic. Tennis matches are played by human beings, and so logic follows. Players need to be healthy and strong. And barring something like a legitimate injury, the odds of a 30s-ranked player beating the #1 player are incredibly slim. Not impossible, but certainly not realistic enough for you to chase a huge payday with a bet. Stay realistic when betting tennis and don't treat the event like a way to instantly change your fortunes.

Wimbledon is a very popular, very exciting event. Particularly if you're a gambler, you may find a lot to keep you interested. Just bet responsibly and with some sense, and you should do just fine.

Memorable Wimbledon Winners

The Other Sister

With Serena's dominance of tennis, many forget that Venus is also a great player. In a match for the ages, in 2005, Venus Williams met Lindsay Davenport in the finals. Davenport won the first set, even though it was highly contested. And looking as if she was going to win the second, Venus mounted a fantastic comeback and stole the second set. Venus would ultimately go on to win in three sets, en route to five Wimbledon titles in total, but this match became an instant classic.

A Passing of the Torch

In 2008, Roger Federer was already considered the greatest tennis player ever, and Rafael Nadal was simply an up and comer who couldn't face Federer's game anywhere but a clay court. Nadal would change this, however, en route to playing one of the greatest tennis matches ever witnessed. In a five-set match that was packed with hours of nonstop action, Nadal won his first Wimbledon title and knocked Federer off the top spot.

The Iceman Cometh

Bjorn Borg was famous for dueling with John McEnroe for years, but perhaps his most famous win was over Vitas Gerulaitis in 1977's Wimbledon semi. In a five-set match that felt like it would go on forever, Bjorn was giving everything he had only to watch Vitas counter. Eventually, however, Borg would emerge triumphant and go on to defeat Jimmy Connors in five sets. This is memorable because it's a rare time when a semi match was actually considered superior to a finals match.

Wimbledon has had many great moments, and there will be many more to come. When betting on tennis, however, don't focus on the majesty of the matches. Stay grounded and logical in your betting.