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The heart of Dixie is a premium destination for experiencing some authentic southern hospitality, but not quite as premium when it comes to enjoying authentic gambling entertainment. Alabama’s gambling laws are not extremely pro-betting, and options are limited. The state’s tolerance for this type of entertainment leaves much to be desired for those residents who are seeking the real deal. There are four Indian owned brick and mortar casinos, however the game selection is very limited and neither table games nor poker is amongst them. There are a few riverboat casinos in AL and the state does allow pari-mutuel wagering and charitable bingo games. Lawmakers made an attempt to introduce a state lottery in in 1999, however it was rejected by the voters in a 10% margin. All in all, it is not exactly a smorgasbord of betting options.

With the changing political landscape throughout the US concerning gambling, navigating what is and is not legal can be a bit daunting. This guide was designed to assist players who are genuinely interested in gathering pertinent data by which to make an informed decision regarding their involvement in any type of land based or online gambling entertainment. We are not attorneys and are not attempting to interpret the laws as professionals. We are simply giving you our take on things as we see it. It is up to you to determine what is right for you and your personal situation when it comes to gambling. There has been some movement recently regarding efforts to expand the gambling industry in Alabama. This guide will provide the latest information relevant to the progress of this legislation.

While Alabama does offer a few land based casinos, they haven't legalized online gambling in the state yet. However, there are no laws that make the act of online gambling illegal in Alabama. And there are no federal laws that specifically make online gambling illegal in the US.

Gambling Laws in Alabama

The gambling laws in Alabama are contained within the Alabama State Codes and Statutes. More specifically, Alabama Code Title 11, Chapter 65 and Alabama Code Title 13A, Chapter 12 Article 2 are where the bulk of the gambling related laws exist. With the exception of four tribal casinos and a few riverboat casinos, commercial casino gambling is not legal in Alabama. The tribal and riverboat casinos are fairly limited in the games that they are permitted to offer. Regulated gambling in Alabama does include pari-mutuel wagering and charitable bingo games.

Several non-tribal gaming locations, including some of the racetracks in the state, began offering gaming machines (slots and bingo machines) at their locations. In an act of defiance against the executive and judicial branches of government in Alabama, Luther Strange raided the ‘racinos’ that were offering gaming machines and confiscated an enormous amount of revenue and equipment from them.

These raids drove a lawsuit against Strange for discrimination, as well as push back from the governor and other important members of government. It was believed that Strange was ‘cherry picking’ whom he wanted to have closed down while allowing others to operate business as usual. One of the racinos that was raided, VictoryLand filed a lawsuit against Strange. The presiding judge ruled in favor of VictoryLand, citing a law from 2003 that legalized casino style at betting sites, ordering Strange to release the confiscated gaming machines and reimburse the racetracks. Strange refused to comply with the court order. As of this writing, VictoryLand and other interested parties are still trying to get the state to clarify the laws concerning gaming machines on non-tribal property, but have not made any progress on that front.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Alabama?

The state of Alabama has not made a move to legalize or regulated online gambling in any form, hence there are not any legal state regulated options available for participating in online gambling within AL. State law does not expressly prohibit residents from engaging in online gambling at licensed and regulated gambling sites that are based outside of the United States. There are also no federal laws that ban Alabama residents from participating in legally licensed offshore gambling sites. So to answer the question, there is not any form of legal state based online gambling, however there are numerous options for legally participating in offshore gambling entertainment within the confines of the law.

We are pretty sure that were it not for the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, there wouldn’t be any type of casino gambling present in the state. Though the state tolerates a small range of gambling, you can almost sense the reluctance by which they do so. It is simply not a form of entertainment that has gained momentum in the state. Conversely, there are quite a significant number of AL residents who enjoy participating in legally licensed offshore gambling online. Perhaps the anonymity offered from online gambling makes it more enticing to go against the grain, but whatever the reason, the Alabama online gambling market makes its mark through the types of gambling sites that are listed on this page.

Penalties for Violating Alabama’s State Gambling Laws

Alabama gambling laws are very clear concerning what types of gambling are illegal. Unlike most states, Alabama does not make exceptions for players versus providers of illegal gambling. Basically, the state expects you to be making informed decisions regarding your involvement in betting entertainment, and ignorance is not a defense in Alabama. Knowingly profiting from an illegal gambling activity as a player carries a charge of simple gambling, which is a Class C misdemeanor. Any person who illegally has a gambling device can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor and face up to a year in jail and a six thousand dollar fine.

What Forms Of Gambling Are Currently Legal in Alabama?

Casino Gambling – There are four Indian casinos operating in Alabama, as well as multiple riverboat casino destinations. Other than these two options, commercial casino gambling is not legal in Alabama. Offshore online casino gambling is legal as long as you visit a site that has been legitimately licensed and regulated outside of the United States.

Poker Gambling – Poker games for real money are not legal in Alabama. However, online poker rooms are filling this void nicely. Offering players a chance to enjoy some online poker gaming from their computer, smartphone or tablet. You are not violating any state or federal laws by participating in legally licensed and regulated offshore online poker games.

Pari-mutuel Wagering – Pari-mutuel wagering is a legal form of gambling in Alabama. In addition to state licensed betting on races, legally licensed online sportsbooks also offer AL residents a chance to legally bet on horse and dog races online.

Recent Developments - Will Alabama Be Expanding Their Gambling Industry Anytime Soon?

Legislation was recently introduced that would have provided the regulatory structure for legal non-tribal casino gambling to emerge in the state, as well as a state lottery. AL SB340 was unable to garner enough support, coming up 4 short of the 21 votes necessary to pass the bill. The bill would have clarified the law concerning slot machines on non-tribal gambling properties, such as racetracks. Though the Senate failed to pass the bill or clarify the state law concerning gaming machines, supporters are not ready to give up yet.

State Rep. Craig Ford, a democrat, is pre-filing two lottery bills that he anticipates will be discussed during the upcoming special legislative session as well as the 2017 regular session. One of the bills will focus only on the lottery, while the second bill will include a proposal for both the lottery and casino gambling entertainment. Both proposals direct lottery revenue to the education budget, including scholarships for college students. Legalizing either a state lottery or state licensed casino gambling would require a constitutional amendment, passed by a three fifths vote in order for it to be placed on the ballot for Alabama voters. Ford has introduced multiple lottery bills, but has never made much progress in the republican run House.

As far as state licensed online gambling goes, there simply are not any locally licensed online gambling options available. However, this does not mean that Alabama residents cannot enjoy some premium online betting on NFL football. Visit our page covering legal online sorts betting for more information.

Best Legally Licensed Online Gambling Site That Accepts Alabama Players

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Legal Online Casinos That Accept Alabama Players

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Legal Online Sportsbooks That Accept Alabama Players

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Legal Online Poker Sites That Accept Alabama Players

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Alabama Gambling FAQ's


What is the minimum legal gambling age in Alabama?+

The minimum age for enjoying bingo or pari-mutuel wagering is 18 years of age. The minimum legal age for enjoying casino gambling is 21. Though most online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks accept players as young as 18, AL residents and visitors must adhere to the state’s legal minimum gambling age and apply those terms to online gambling as well. Underage gambling is a criminal offense and the state takes it very seriously. We strongly recommend that you comply with the AL state code concerning legal gambling ages.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in Alabama?+

The state does not expressly prohibit online gambling, however when it comes to state regulated options, there have been no attempts at legalizing online casino gambling that would be licensed by the state. That leaves residents with the option of legal online casinos that are licensed, regulated and located outside US borders. The state laws and statutes do not prohibit this type of gambling, and there are no US federal laws that criminalize offshore gambling online either. The key to not violating any state or federal laws lies in steering clear of unregulated or unlicensed gambling destinations. This keeps you out of hot water, and also ensures you are visiting legitimate, legally sanctioned online casinos that accept Alabama players.

Legal Alabama Online Casinos

There are a number of legitimate, legal and regulated online casinos that are based overseas, outside of the United States. A gaming commission representing a respected governing jurisdiction that has legalized online casino gambling for its territories oversees each of these sites. Our team of analysts has carefully reviewed and evaluated each of the brands you see listed in this guide, ensuring they are legitimately operating within the industry, that offer a reputable and high quality gaming experience, and that their entire operation meets our stringent standards for inclusion in this guide.

Is online poker gambling legal in Alabama?+

Poker is not warmly embraced by the state of Alabama, which has left residents without many options with respect to card playing. Thankfully, state laws do not prohibit players in the Cotton State from engaging in licensed and regulated online poker that is delivered through a business that is based outside of the United States. While the list of options still isn’t very lengthy, the ones we’ve included in this guide are premium destinations. The DOJ investigation into several prominent online poker brands in 2011 may have left the impression that it is not legal for American poker players to participate in offshore card playing online, however this is not the case. Those particular poker sites were suspected of not adhering to regulations set forth in the UIGEA law, and none of the investigation was directed towards players. There are no federal laws or state laws in Alabama that would criminalize playing online poker at any of our recommended legal online poker sites.

Legal Alabama Online Poker Sites

Our team of online gambling professionals includes several poker experts who have placed each of our recommended online poker sites through a very intense review process. This process ensures that these sites are legally sanctioned, compliance certified, and regulated by a legitimate governing jurisdiction. We examine each nook and cranny of the operation, from top to bottom to make sure we only recommend the most reputable, capable and high quality destinations for playing online poker. Each of these sites welcomes players from Alabama with open arms.

Is online sports betting legal in Alabama?+

For those AL sports fans who enjoy betting on the Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers or any other type of college, professional or International sports, we imagine you’d be interested in learning more about the legality of sportsbook gambling in Alabama. There are two US federal laws that govern sports betting in the USA. The PASPA law restricts US based sports betting to four specific regions: Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. The Federal Wire Act prohibits US based online sports betting options throughout the United States. Combined, these two laws effectively limit any type of sports betting expansion outside of the four states exempted from PASPA. We said all that to say this, there are no state regulated sports betting opportunities in Alabama.

However, there are several offshore sportsbooks that accept bettors from the US, including those in Alabama. It is not illegal to engage in online sportsbook gambling at these types of online sportsbooks as long as they are legitimately licensed and regulated, and are located outside US borders. Please note that participating in offshore sports gambling that is not licensed or regulated constitutes illegal gambling and could cause you legal trouble and put you at risk of becoming a victim of fraud or theft. We recommend everyone read our page that talks about whether or not online sports betting is legal in the United States to gain a better understanding.

Legal Alabama Online Sportsbooks

To assist you in accessing legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks, our team has carefully evaluated the options available, and has compiled a listing of the industry leading, legal sportsbooks that accept Alabama residents. They are all licensed and regulated, and all offer competitive betting lines, odds and paylines, and deliver a premium online sports betting experience. We can recommend them each without hesitation and as registered bettors on each of them.

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