Idaho Legal Online Gambling Guide

Idaho State FlagGambling options in Idaho are available to residents and visitors, and while they are somewhat limited, the state is not considered to be anti-gambling in nature. Known more for potatoes than gambling, the state does allow casino gambling, bingo and pari-mutuel wagering, and also offers a state lottery. The lottery has come and gone a few times, but seems to be here to stay. One form of gambling that is not allowed, much to the dismay of its fans, is poker. None of the casinos in the state offer card rooms of any kind. Playing poker for money is not an option at any of the licensed gambling destinations in the state.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the state allowed a wide range of gambling as long as the residents gave it the thumbs up. There were many casinos throughout the state, some of which were quite luxurious and attracted celebrity talent. However in 1949, the state outlawed most gambling. By 1953 all forms of gambling were illegal in the state. Ten years later, the state started allowing gambling again, starting with pari-mutuel betting. The lottery followed and finally came Indian casinos in the 90s.

So how does online gambling fit into Idaho's laws and statutes? We're so glad you asked. This page was crated specifically to provide insight into the legalities and options that are in place concerning Idaho online gambling. We've addressed these topics for each individual venue (casino, poker, sports betting) to ensure that those who are seeking legitimate and legal online betting have everything needed to make an informed decision. We go into both state and federal gambling laws, and how they affect your access to online gambling entertainment and brick and mortar options. With this comprehensive guide at your fingertips, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your involvement in online and offline gambling in Idaho.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Idaho?

The laws and statutes in the state of Idaho do not address online gambling specifically. Therefor online gambling is not prohibited, nor is it expressly allowed. Since it has not been officially legalized, you will not find any type of state licensed online gambling options. Since it has not been make illegal, Idaho residents are able to enjoy online gambling as long as they visit websites that are legally licensed and regulated, and that are based outside of the United States. It is not legal to own or operate an online gambling site of any kind within the state of Idaho.

There has not been any legislation presented to change the legal status of state based online gambling in Idaho. With the state's semi-warm stance concerning gambling, it is not out of the realm of possibilities; we just haven't seen any movement in that direction yet. Until such time as the state decides to make a move one way or the other – residents are able to enjoy secure, high quality and legally sanctioned online casino, poker and sportsbook gambling at reputable and legitimate offshore gambling sites. This guide presents our professional recommendations for licensed, regulated and professional websites offering online gambling services to Idaho residents and visitors. We have vetted each of them carefully and can ensure you that they are all legally sanctioned to operate within the industry, and that they all offer sophisticated, cutting edge gambling experiences.

Best Online Gambling Site For Idaho Residents

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For players living in Idaho who want to enjoy gambling online, we highly recommend Bovada. They are the biggest name in online gambling and are easily one of the most trusted sites that still cater to American players. And there is a reason they are the biggest site around. They've never missed a payout and offer players everything they could possibly want under one roof including online casino action, a popular poker room and a world class sports betting platform. And like every reputable site that we endorse, they come correct in the way of treating their players to generous bonuses and rewards. Claim up to $4250 in free match bonus money when you play at Bovada.

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Are online casinos legal in Idaho?

Idaho does have agreements with the multiple Indian tribes that has resulted in today's 7 brick and mortar casinos. When it comes to online casino gambling, the state has simply stayed out of the game. It is not legal to own or operate an online casino within the state of Idaho, hence none of the existing casinos are operating any online initiatives. There is currently no legislation being presented that would move to legalize state regulated online casinos.

However, just because there are not any state licensed online casinos available in the Gem State doesn't mean you're out of luck. State gambling laws in Idaho do not prohibit residents from participating at offshore online casinos as long as the destination meets some basic criteria. The online casino must be legally licensed and regulated by a governing jurisdiction that is legitimate and that has legalized online casino gambling for their territories. Secondly, it must be based outside of the USA. All of the online casinos you see below meet the credentials for operating legally within the industry and for offering their services to players from Idaho. Because they are licensed, they will have met minimum regulatory requirements for security and fair play. View our entire listing of legal online casinos for USA players.

To be included in this guide, we require that each site posses a security profile that exceeds industry standards, delivers a quality of performance that consistently and reliably provides an exception gambling experience, and participation in third party auditing to ensure compliance standards are met for fair gaming and software performance.

Idaho Online Casinos

Bovada Casino 100% Max $3,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Cafe Casino 500% Max $5,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Is Online Poker Legal in Idaho?

As far as state licensed gambling goes, neither online nor offline poker is legal within the state of Idaho. There has not been any real demonstrative interest shown for changing the legal status of online poker in Idaho from citizens or lawmakers. This has left ID poker players without any state regulated poker gambling options. As with the other gambling venues, there are some legally sanctioned, high quality offshore poker sites that welcome Idaho residents. The same criterion applies in order for an online poker site to legally offer their services to players in the US. They must be legally licensed, regulated and located outside of US borders. The sites you find listed below all meet this criteria, as well as our additional requirements regarding security and quality. You will not be breaking any type of state or federal laws by engaging in online poker at any of these online card rooms. More about legal online poker in the US.

Top Rated Poker Sites That Legally Accept Idaho Players

Betonline Poker 100% Max $2,500 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Ignition Poker 100% Max $1,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review Poker 200% Max $2,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Idaho?

While states have the authority to dictate what type of gambling they will or will not allow, sports betting is a whole different animal. There are several US federal laws in place that govern sportsbook gambling across the country. These federal laws trump any type of state mandate, and prohibit states from establishing their own state regulated sportsbooks. The PASPA law prohibits state regulated sports betting in all states with the exception of Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. The Federal Wire Act prohibits all online sports betting throughout the nation. Thankfully, the buck stops at US borders, and these two laws do not prohibit sports fans in Idaho from legally betting on sports online at licensed and regulated online sportsbooks that are located outside of the United States. You will find a listing of the industry's leading options for this type of sportsbook destination below. Idaho residents are able to enjoy sports betting legally at any of these websites. Our check out our sports section for answers to many questions including is online sports betting illegal in the United States.

Most Trusted Sportsbooks That Accept Idaho Players

Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Betonline 25% Max $1,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review 25% Max $1,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Bookmaker 15% Max $2,500 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
GTBets 100% Max $250 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Topbet 100% Max $1000 4 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Idaho Gambling FAQ's

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Idaho?

Unlike most other states, the legal gambling age in Idaho is 18 across the board, even for casino gambling. This being the state's standard, residents are able to enjoy offshore online gambling at age 18, with the exception of online sports betting, which still mandates a minimum legal age of 21.

If online gambling is not sanctioned by the state of Idaho, will I get arrested for betting at the gambling sites listed on this page?

Absolutely not. Visiting offshore gambling sites that are legitimately licensed and regulated does not violate Idaho state law or any US federal laws. As long as you are careful to restrict your betting action to those destinations that are 100% legally sanctioned to operate, you will be on the legal side of things and won't have to worry about getting into trouble with the law.

How soon will Idaho change the laws so that online gambling is legal for residents?

That is hard to say. Thus far, there have not been any official measures taken to legalize online gambling in Idaho. Though the state is somewhat gambling friendly, residents and lawmakers may be satisfied with the status quo. Were there a public demand for change on this issue, it is entirely possible the state would respond and present the option to the voters.

How come I have to be 21 to bet on sports in Idaho?

Typically players from any given state must adhere to the minimum legal gambling age established within their state for any specific gambling venue. Since sports betting is not legal in Idaho, there is no established criteria to follow, thereby making the industry standard of 21 years of age the applicable rule. In Las Vegas and Delaware, the only two states offering any type of real sports betting, players must be 21 years of age in order to bet. This standard will resonate throughout the US until such time as the laws governing sportsbook gambling are modified.

Is it safe for me to participate in Idaho online gambling?

To be honest, that is entirely up to you and how you handle your betting action. If you restrict your online gambling to those sites that have been vetted by professionals to be secure and legitimate, then yes it is perfectly safe to engage in online gambling. The sites you see on this page fall into this category. However, if you reach your online gambling destinations through the results of random Google searches, then you may be putting yourself at risk of landing at a questionable or dangerous gambling site that is not operating legitimately within the industry. How you approach your initial encounters with online gambling will determine the level of safety present in your gaming experience.

How do you collect your winnings from an offshore Idaho online gambling site?

For those of you who are worried about having to travel overseas, let us assure you that you won't be required to do that. Offshore gambling sites have processes in place to efficiently process payouts to customers all over the world, including Idaho. Depending on the amount of your payout, you may be required to accept multiple disbursements. Typical payout methods include check by courier, bank wire, ewallets and Bitcoin.


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