States Pass Gambling Ballot Measures in 2018 Midterm Elections

Six states entered the midterm elections with gambling on the ballot, and five states passed measures.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6th, voters in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, and Missouri approved a total of six ballot measures relating to gambling during the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Idaho was the only state that did not approve a gambling measure with voters rejecting Idaho Proposition 1.

Here are the results from each of the seven gambling measures placed on the ballot for the midterms:

Arkansas Issue 4 Results – Passed: 54.1%

Oaklawn, Southland, and two future applicants will receive licenses to operate casinos in four counties in the state. The licenses will allow operators to offer skilled-based games in addition to sports betting.

Florida Amendment 3 Results – Passed: 71.5%

A citizen-initiated process will be the only way gambling or sports betting can be legalized in Florida because voters gave state residents the sole right to decide on the matter, taking away the right to pass casino gambling legislation from the Florida State Legislature.

Florida Amendment 13 Results – Passed: 69%

Betting on dog racing and operating a dog racing track is now illegal in Florida, joining 40 other states that have banned the sport. The 11 dog racing operations in the state will have until 2020 to shut down all operations.

Idaho Proposition 1 Results – Did Not Pass: 53.6%

Voters in the state rejected the measure that would have legalized the betting on historic horse racing – horse races that are recorded – at horse racing tracks across the state. Historic racing will remain illegal in Idaho.

Louisiana DFS (Act 322) Results – Passed: 47 out of 64 parishes

In total, 47 parishes in the state legalized daily fantasy sports contest, such as FanDuel and DraftKings, allowing residents to participate after the state passes tax revenue legislation on DFS. The other 17 parishes will not be allowed to participate in DFS contest and will remain illegal in only those parishes.

Maryland Question 1 Results – Passed: 87.7%

Casino tax revenue had previously been promised to go directly to fund education in Maryland but was not specifically written into the state constitution. Voters approved the measure, ensuring that 100% of casino tax revenue generated within state lines will go directly to fund education in Maryland by 2020.

Missouri Amendment 4 Results – Passed: 52.4%

The required time to manage bingo games held by charitable and non-charitable organizations is reduced from two years to six months. In addition, the advertising of bingo games is no longer restricted to the property of an organization.