Washington Legal Online Gambling Guide

WashingtonIt is currently not legal to own or operate any type of online gambling site within the state of Washington. When it comes to legal online gambling in the United States, Washington state is a bit of a unique situation and level of complexity. They are the only US state which specifically has laws criminalizing online gambling; while at the same time are discussing the legalization of online poker in the state. You can read more about their gambling laws below. The state is fairly progressive on many social issues, so we do expect them to get on board the US based online gambling movement. They currently have multiple tribal gambling casinos and establishments throughout the state, approximately 74 poker rooms, and also offer lottery and pari-mutuel wagering. So you can see the state does have a progressive view of gambling in general, as long as it doesn't involve online access. This is important for WA residents to be aware of so that they can make informed decisions about their involvement with this type of entertainment, which is the driving force that motivated us to create our legal gambling states directory.

Washington Online Gambling Laws

Washington is one of the only states in the US to officially make engaging in online gambling a crime, a class C felony to be specific according to SSB 6613. The state has never actually arrested anyone or investigated anyone suspected of engaging in online gambling since the bill was signed into law in 2006, and they do not monitor Internet activity in order to catch someone in the act. It seems the primary objective of that law was not to catch online gamblers but rather to deter illegal online gambling operations from emerging within the state. As mentioned above, it is not legal to own or operate any type of online gambling site in Washington at this time.

The restrictive online gambling law is often referred to as Draconian in nature by opponents, and was immersed in a legal battle concerning its constitutionality for nearly 4 years before it finally earned the support of the Supreme Court and took affect in 2010. Opponents point out the contradiction of allowing poker gambling in a casino and then labeling players a felon if they play within the privacy of their own home. Though the law is 'officially' on the books, the fact that it is common knowledge that residents of the Evergreen State are actively involved in offshore online poker and the state does not pursue any type of action clearly demonstrates that they are not interested in going after players.

This should allow residents in WA to breath easy as they enjoy online gambling at legally licensed and regulated offshore gambling sites. While this guide does present the top rated online betting sites that accept Washington players, we must acknowledge that technically it is against the law to participate in online gambling in the state. It is very very unlikely that any players would ever be questioned about their online gaming, particularly since the state is not monitoring Internet activity, but it is not a 100% guarantee.

Legal Gambling Age in Washington

Playing the lottery or bingo, or engaging in pari-mutuel wagering can all be done as long as a player is at least 18 years of age. The minimum legal gambling age for casino games and poker range from 18-21 years of age depending on the destination in which the games are played.

Most Reputable Gambling Site Accepting Washington Players

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Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in Washington?

Unfortunately the state has passed a law that criminalizes engaging in online gambling within Washington state. The state has never pursued any type of arrests, investigation or inquiries regarding any residents who participate in online gambling. Most experts believe the objective of the law is to curtail illegal gambling operations in the state. Despite the restrictions that this law delivers, Washington residents don't seem to be deterred from enjoying online casino gambling for real money. Because a large number of online players reside in this region of the country, we wanted to ensure you had information on trusted, licensed and regulated legal US online casinos that accept Washington players. This information will support you as you seek legally licensed offshore destinations that provide their services to US players, including those in Washington. If you feel comfortable participating, then you need to make sure you are only accessing the most legitimate and high quality options out there.

As far as federal laws that impact the freedom of Washington residents to enjoy online gambling, there is one specific law that applies, though it is directed at online gambling operators and not players. It is commonly known as the UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. It basically places regulations on how online gambling transactions can be processed, and only affects the gambling site operators and payment processors. Though it has made US friendly banking methods a little more challenging at online casinos and other types of gambling sites, it hasn't had much impact on US players directly. The RAWA bill that has been reintroduced to congress may pose some problems in the future when it comes to US based online casino gambling - but thus far it doesn't seem to have enough support to make it through.

Following is a listing of our recommendations for online casinos that accept Washington players. These websites are operating legally within the industry and offer a premium casino gaming experience. You will find a strong selection of high quality games on their menu and a professional, impressive performance with each visit.

Legal Washington Online Casinos

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Is Online Poker Gambling Legal in Washington?

Online poker is the one gambling venue that has a shot right now in Washington. While it is currently not legal to play online poker within WA state, there is a bill that has been introduced to legalize state based online gambling. House Bill 1114 was introduced to the state legislature on Jan 12, 2015, and it is uncertain if or when it may see some activity. If the bill does pass, then the state of WA will be authorizing and regulating its own online poker industry. It is still early in the game, and we will be watching closely to see how the measure progresses. From a federal standpoint, the UIGEA regulations concerning how online poker transactions are processed does apply, but doesn't have any bearing on players directly. What we will need to keep an eye on is the Restoration of America's Wire Act - which is an attempt to place the same restrictions on all US based online gambling that are currently only applicable to online sports betting. If passed, those states that have legalized online poker may be forced to abandon the initiative.

In the mean time, players who are so inclined may continue accessing the licensed and regulated legal offshore online poker rooms that accept players from Washington State. Though participation in online poker would be in violation of state law, Washington residents don't seem to be discouraged by this. There is sufficient support for legalizing online poker in Washington, but we also know that Sheldon Adelson is lurking around the corner somewhere in search of his opportunity to interfere.

There are a number of reputable and legitimate offshore poker sites that accept Washington players. Our recommendations include those destinations which are legally licensed and regulated, and able to produce authentic compliance certifications. Those of you who are interested in participating in high quality online poker will find the most reputable poker rooms reviewed below.

Poker Sites That Accept Washington Players

Betonline Poker 100% Max $2,500 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Washington?

Along with Washington's statute that bans online gambling, the Federal Wire Act effectively bans any type of US based online sportsbooks from operating within the United States. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prohibits any type of land based sports betting in all of the United States with the exception of four state. Of those four states only Nevada offers much in the way of sportsbook gambling. Washington residents are facing restrictions on sports betting from several directions, but these are the only two federal laws that have much impact. There are several premium online sportsbooks that do accept bettors from Washington state, and you will find them listed in this guide. Those of you interested in sportsbook gambling will need to determine your level of comfort regarding your participation in any type of online gambling, including sports betting.

Many players feel it is an easy decision because the state simply does not go after online gamblers. They don't audit Internet usage in order to identity which residents are accessing these sportsbooks, and they have never made any type of inquiry or arrests associated with violating the state's ban on online gambling. For a number of players, the state's disinterest in harassing online gamblers is enough to encourage them to bet on sports if they so choose. We have no idea if the state is going to suddenly become interested in this matter and change their approach or not. It is a bit of a risk and a bit of an uncertainty. It is a personal decision that only the players themselves can make. For those of you who wish to proceed, we've got some helpful information for you below.

The listing of recommended legal sports betting sites you see below represents the absolute best options for USA players, including those residing in Washington. They are all legitimately licensed and regulated, and offer a superb range of betting lines, with competitive odds and pay lines that are comparable to Vegas. We have also listed their current welcome bonus offers for your convenience.

Legal Washington Online Sportsbooks

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Washington Online Gambling FAQ's

If it is illegal to gamble online in Washington, can I get into trouble for visiting the websites you recommend?

While it is extremely unlikely, we cannot deny that the possibility does exist that you could face negative consequences should you choose to gamble online. It has never happened thus far in the state, but we cannot guarantee that it won't. If the online gambling sites were concerned about WA suddenly enforcing their online gambling ban among players, then you would begin to see a move among the brands to exit the Washington gambling market and the would stop accepting players from this state.

Why do these betting sites still accept players from Washington?

First of all, United States federal or state laws do not affect offshore online gambling sites and businesses, so they don't have anything to fear. Secondly, they are well aware that residents will continue to participate in the services they offer until something more drastic occurs to interfere.

When will state based online gambling be legalized in Washington?

This is impossible to predict. Online poker legalization is currently on the table and may have enough support to become law. There has been no mention of online casino gambling at this point, but authorizing state licensed online poker would certainly pave the way for casino gambling to follow. We will keep you posted on this website concerning the status of online gambling legislation.

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