The 2021 Masters Odds Favor Member Of PGA’s “Big 6” Elite Golfers To Win


The 2021 Masters Tournament begins tomorrow at 3 pm on ESPN, but more focus has been placed on a golfer that is not participating than the field of athletes that will be competing for the just over $2 million prize purse.

Tiger Woods will not be able to compete in the 2021 Masters because he is still recovering from injuries that he sustained from a car accident a few weeks ago.

Doctors expect Tiger to make a return to normal operating life, but there has been doubt expressed over whether he will be able to come back to professional golf. Woods is an incredibly driven individual, and it would not suprise the staff of Legal Betting Online one bit to see him hacking away at golf balls on a PGA course in the future.

Over the last 24 years, no one has dominated Augusta National like Tiger Woods has. Over that period of time, he has racked up 5 Masters wins, which places him second all time behind Jack Nicklaus.

Most All Time Masters Wins

  • Jack Nicklaus 6
  • Tiger Woods 5
  • Arnold Palmer 4
  • Jimmy Demaret 3
  • Sam Snead 3
  • Gary Player 3
  • Nick Faldo 3
  • Phil Mickelson 3

Phil Mickelson is the only golfer on this list of all time greats that are playing this weekend and featured in the odds at 2021 Masters betting sites.

The PGA Tour’s Big 6 golfers are listed at the top of the Masters futures to win the entire tournament, but even these favored options are highly profitable when considering how much can be won versus how much the bettor will need to risk.

Take the following Masters odds provided by Bovada as an example.

Odds To Win The Masters 2021

  • Dustin Johnson +900
  • Bryson DeChambeau +1100
  • Justin Thomas +1100
  • Jon Rahm +1200
  • Jordan Spieth +1200
  • Rory McIlroy +1800

Dustin Johnson was the winner of The Masters in 2020, and legal online golf sportsbooks are offering a money line on him of +900. Each dollar wagered against Johnson to win the 2021 Masters will earn bettors $9 to stuff into their bankrolls.

Selecting the winning golfer from a long list of choices is not an easy task, and oddsmakers know this. That’s why they feature such long odds on each competitor. It makes the money lines attractivue enough for gamlbers to lay some action on.

These legal sportsbook sites seem to be taking all the risk by allowing such lofty payouts on each player, but only bets made on the winning golfer will cash in. All bets placed on the remaining field of golfers represent profits for the sportsbook.

Futures odds operate similarly to a lottery ticket, but feature much higher odds of success. PGA Golf sportsbooks are also offering lengthy futures odds on each round, top 5 finishes, top 10 finishes, and odds to make or miss the cut. Many bettors prefer less options when examining game lines and odds.

For simpler Masters betting options, there are pairings of golfers that can be bet upon that allow wagers to be placed on which one will finish better on a given hole, round, or for the entire tournament. There are also similar golf betting options for groupings of players.

Whichever route bettors decide to go, be sure to lay your action on the Masters before Sunday afternoon when the winner is declared.

Source: ESPN