Bet On The 2022 MLB All Star Game And Tonight’s Home Run Derby Odds

Tonight’s Home Run Derby is an annual fan-favorite event that occurs just before the MLB All-Star Game, prompting thousands of fans in attendance and millions watching on television worldwide to admire the majesty of baseballs rocketing over the outfield walls.

Major League Baseball betting sites have posted Home Run Derby odds for this evening’s contest, and it looks like Mets’ first baseman Pete Alonso is poised to win his third title in a row.

Odds To Win Home Run Derby

  • Pete Alonso +175
  • Kyle Schwarber +325
  • Juan Soto +550
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.. +700
  • Corey Seager +950
  • Julio Rodriguez +700
  • Jose Ramirez +1600
  • Albert Pujols +2500

If Pete can win this year’s Home Run Derby, betting odds for Alonso will reward baseball gamblers with payouts of $2.75 for each dollar wagered.

Tune in tonight on ESPN and the MLB Network to watch the 2022 Home Run Derby and be sure to get your bets in early because we are uncertain as to whether there will be any live odds for the contest.

Betting On The 2022 MLB All-Star Game

Tomorrow night at 8 PM on Fox, the MLB All-Star Game will begin with home-field advantage for the 2022 World Series at stake. Current lines for betting on the MLB All-Star Game favor the National League by -1.5 in the run line at most major online sportsbooks, but there are some slight variances in the moneyline odds that can be exploited by shopping around.

2022 MLB All-Star Game Betting Line

  • Run Line: AL +1.5, NL -1.5
  • AL Moneyline Odds: -104, -105, -101, +101 (Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, BetUS)
  • NL Moneyline Odds: -116, -115, -109, -111 (Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, BetUS)
  • Over/Under: 8.0

If you want to bet on the American League to win the 2022 MLB All-Star Game, the most profit potential can be secured by placing your wager with BetUS at +101.

National League bets should be placed at BetOnline (-109) as it will require the smallest amount of risk ($1.09) in order to secure a $1 net profit when they win.

The variances in the odds may seem insignificant for a small wager, and they are. But consider larger dollar bets.

When the MLB All-Star bets reach $100 or more, the differentials equal dollars and not cents, so it pays to shop the lines at the trusted sites featured within our legal online sportsbook reviews.

MLB All Star Game Prop Bets

So far, prop bets for the MLB All-Star Game itself are limited to standard fare such as alternate lines for total runs, the over/under, run spread, and specials like “will there be a run scored in every inning?”.

The offerings are much more interesting when browsing the Home Run Derby prop bets as there are lines for just about any outcome that is possible within the field of play. Here are some of the 2022 Home Run Derby odds that intrigue us the most thus far.

  • Player To Hit Longest Home Run: Ronald Acuña Jr. +200
  • Will There Be A Swingoff In Any Round?: Yes -105, No -135
  • Winning League: American League +225, National League -350
  • Longest Derby Home Run – Ronald Acuña Jr.: Over 481.5 Feet-115, Under 481.5 Feet-125
  • Exact Result Of Home Run Derby Final: Pete Alonso Beats Kyle Schwarber +500

MLB All-Star Game Betting Odds: Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, BetUS

Source: Yahoo! Sports