Bovada Releases New Iterations Of Single And Six Deck Blackjack.

US facing online gambling destination, Bovada, has recently released new versions of single deck and six deck Blackjack. In the legal online gambling industry since 2011, Bovada finds their parentage from the famous global online gambling powerhouse, Bodog. Together they have been able to provide some of the most technologically advanced and accessible online casino games in the industry. They currently provide a legally sanctioned online blackjack environment that caters strictly to USA players.

With the “Classic Single Deck BlackJack” at Bovada you will have higher chances than any other game in the casino. This is why single deck blackjack is so popular. In single deck, you will have the absolute lowest house edge you can find with an almost level playing field with the house. The house edge in single deck blackjack is reduced by around 0.48% while similar games with multiple decks only have 0.19% reductions based on the game. Single deck games are also slightly easier for card counters to keep track off mathematically but that’s for another article.

One of the main disadvantages that usually comes with playing single deck blackjack is that the casino or website typically defines the payouts as 6:5 instead of the typical 3:2. This lowers the payout rates slightly to mitigate the lower house edge for the casino or website. Bovada, however, keeps their single deck payouts at 3:2 to make sure the player keeps their advantages.

With the single deck blackjack games offered by Bovada the dealer will hit on a soft 17, player blackjack pays 3:2 and any other winnings are payed 1:1. There is no surrender, split aces receive only one card and insurance pays 2:1. You won’t be able to re-split aces and a split ace and a card with a value of ten is not considered blackjack.

The 6-deck blackjack games that are now being offered by Bovada are more closely related to the games that are used to playing in the brick-and-mortar casinos. At Bovada, as in the single deck games, the dealer will hit on the soft 17 and player blackjacks always pay out 3:2. You will be able to split up to 3 hands and surrender any first two cards. Your split aces will receive only one card in return and there is a rule against the re-splitting of aces thereafter. In the games that are played with 6 or more decks, they are always shuffled after each hand and a split ace and a value-10 card, like in the single deck versions, are not considered a blackjack win.