Legal Copa America 2016 Soccer Betting

USA Friendly Soccer Flag There has been a whole lot of sporting stuff happening this year, and we have tried to cover it all here at Legal Betting Online. Unfortunately, sometimes we get backed up and cannot jump on a tournament right away. This was the case with the Copa America 2016 soccer tournament. Right now, the middle of June, the tournament is in full swing, entering into the quarter-finals, but we still want to cover it here and help you figure out how to navigate the field in terms of placing bets, finding out which teams are favored, and understanding exactly how the Copa America tournament works. The tournament started this year on June 3, and it is an international men's football tournament that is held in the United States. The Copa America Centenario is the tournament's full name, and it's basically the answer to the Euro 2016 tournament which only invites European teams to play.

Soccer is undoubtedly a global sport, but it's still a huge deal in the USA. For instance, you can find the Copa America tournament being played on famous American fields like CenturyLink in Seattle, Soldier Field in Chicago, Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, MetLife in NYC, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and other big-name popular stadiums. Featuring 16 teams and 26 matches, this tournament doesn't last quite as long as other big tournaments and thus the action is over with a lot quicker. This means if you want to bet on the Copa America, you better get busy! So, we'll try to help walk you through the info you need to make solid, legal bets.

Is Betting On Copa America Soccer Tournament Legal In The U.S.?

Many other resources you may check for legal betting info give you hundreds of words of filler and still the end result is too confusing to understand. So let's get right into the gist here by telling you that betting online via a trusted sportsbook is 100% legal for you in the USA. But how can that be if online gambling is actually illegal in most states? It's the way the “gambling” market is separated into two pieces: The business side (the casinos/sites) and the gamblers. As a gambler, you're not shut out of the excitement; only the businesses are illegal. This means that you are 100% free and clear to place as many bets on Copa America as you want. The only issue, of course, is with finding a sportsbook that will accept your action. But this is no problem if you're on Legal Betting Online. We offer you a pretty wide range of sites from which you can choose, and all of them are offshore sites and have been rated, reviewed and tested by us personally.

An offshore site simply means it's a website that operates outside of the jurisdiction of the United States. As such, this site can allow whomever it chooses into its doors, so to speak, and the American government cannot do anything about it. Although this site is technically the “business” side of the equation about which we spoke previously, the US government cannot touch them if they're offshore and thus you can bet there as often as you wish. We cover all this in much more detail on our legal US soccer betting page.

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How the Tournament Works

This tournament works very similar to the World Cup, only on a much smaller scale. To start with, you have 16 teams who have earned their position in the tournament. These teams are broken down into groups:

Group A

  • United States
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Paraguay

Group B

  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Brazil
  • Haiti

Group C

  • Mexico
  • Venezuela
  • Uruguay
  • Jamaica

Group D

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Panama
  • Bolivia

Unlike other tournaments where all these groups will play a bunch of times with the highest number of wins/goals propelling a team forward, what happens in the Copa instead is that the winners move on to the knockout stage of the tournament and the losers go home. This is how the action is able to happen a lot quicker. So, for instance, instead of the United States having to play a bunch of times, they faced off against Ecuador out of group B, and Argentina faced Venezuela, and the United States will play the winner of that game. So, basically, the groups were immediately put into a tournament ranking bracket rather than having to go through all the group motions first.

How Copa America is Played and Its Remaining Teams

The entire Copa America tournament has a bracket much like March Madness or other big, single elimination tournaments. As soon as the groups were set, they were broken up and spread out over a bracket, with the teams who played and won the initial round moving on. From there, we go to the knockout stage, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and finally the final two teams who will compete for the Copa America championship. While it might not be the most popular soccer tournament played, it is certainly the simplest in terms of tournament structure, and this makes it the easiest to follow, especially if you're gambling on the results. There's no confusing points-based system. You're dealing with strict wins and losses.

The Favorites and Odds of Copa America

We're going to keep this section very brief, simply touching on a few odds for a few of the teams left in the tournament. Keep in mind that these odds are current, as of June 18, and are different than the odds that these teams started with.

  • Argentina – 3:2
  • Brazil – 9:2
  • Chile – 8:1
  • Mexico – 8:1
  • Uruguay – 9:1
  • Colombia – 10:1
  • USA – 11:1

You can also find regular game odds, such as Argentina (1:11) vs. Venezuela (80:1), or Mexico (13:8) vs. Chile (2:1. As you can see from those two match examples, there's a very stark contrast between betting odds and how teams are really expected to do. For instance, Mexico and Chile are practically even, whereas Argentina is a huge favorite over Venezuela. Make sure you're staying current on your odds by checking out the lines the sportsbook offers. By the time you read this, the lines may have changed again.

A Few Betting Tips for Those Just Getting Around to Betting

1: Don't Get Carried Away with Only Big Favorites. While it is true that those teams favored to win are mathematically more likely to win, betting only on favorites might not be in your best interest. For instance, if you wanted to bet on that Argentina match we mentioned above, you would have to bet $11 to win $1. So a bet of $20 wouldn't even win you two full bucks. However, the Mexico-Chile match-up is much more desirable, especially for a team that's 2:1, as every $1 bet wins you $2. So we suggest you go with odds that are closer rather than games that have those ridiculously large spreads.

2: Don't Risk a lot of Your Money! Let's say you're signing up with a sportsbook just to bet on the Copa America tournament, and you put $200 in. Well, don't simply go bet all of that at one time. You want to really pace yourself when betting. If you make small bets to start, calculated bets that have a higher likelihood of paying off, you can make larger and larger bets after each win because you'll be betting in part with profits and not money you're risking. After winning a few bets, every bet you make will be with your profits rather than the money you put in.

3: Pick the Right Sportsbook! This isn't anything that needs to be complicated. By allowing us to point you in the direction of a winning site, you can take the guesswork out of finding a quality sportsbook and can instead just enjoy the matches and place your bets with ease. A bad sportsbook will likely not be licensed or regulated, have shoddy, dated lines, no further betting options other than the simple stuff, unreliable payouts and you might not even find any line updates based on how well teams are doing. So you won't get a chance to leverage if the field changes. Our USA online sportsbook reviews will help guide you in the right direction.

We wish you the best of luck when betting on the Copa America this year, and please take a few moments to review our few tips and other information above before you bet on the matches.