UEFA Euro 2017 Legal Soccer Betting Guide

USA Friendly Soccer Flag American sporting fans don't typically know a whole lot about soccer. Not an insult of any type, of course; just a mere observation based on the viewing numbers and popularity of the USA's own soccer league, Major League Soccer. However, America becomes just like most other nations when those big-time tournaments roll around, like the World Cup. But did you know that there's another quadrennial tournament that's just behind the World Cup in terms of popularity? The Euro tournament, technically known as the UEFA European Championship, is right behind the World Cup in terms of popularity and for weeks every four years millions of viewers and billions of dollars are wrapped up in this tournament.

This year's Euro 2016 is only the 15th edition of this tournament, so there isn't a ton of history behind it. Even still, there are a lot of different bets you can make and some money to be won. If you're thinking about betting on this tournament, we want to offer you a guide here at Legal Betting Online to help get you started.

Is It Legal For USA Players To Bet On The Euro 2016 Soccer Tournament?

p>The act of placing bets on things like soccer tournaments is actually perfectly legal in the United States. Yes, since the USA has banned online gambling in most states, and most state laws prohibit gambling, it can get confusing. To put this as succinctly as possible: It's only the act of offering gambling that's considered illegal, not the act of placing a bet. Just as you're free to go purchase a lotto ticket, but couldn't yourself host a lotto out of your living room. It's a major difference that needs to be highlighted. As long as you're finding a legal location with which to gamble, it is perfectly legal to place a real money wager on Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

Most people don't understand these laws because most resource sites either beat around the bush or make their rhetoric far too complex to be understood. We just want you to know that, yes, you can place money down on Euro 2016 by going with an offshore site that accepts US-based players. It really is that simple. You can learn more about the legalities by visiting our legal US online sports betting section.

Where To Bet On
The Euro Cup Championship In 2016

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Explaining the Gist of the Euro Cup Tournament

UEFA Soccer Championship LogoThe UEFA European Championship is a soccer (football) tournament that's held every four years, very similar to the World Cup, and it takes place over an entire month. This year's tournament takes place in France, and it started June 10 and will last to July 10 – a full month of action. For many years, this Euro tournament was comprised of 16 teams, but they actually added 50% more this year and they're playing with 24 teams. Much like the World Cup, teams compete in group stages, and then semi-finals and finals, and most of the teams have been set to play since 2014 when the qualifying took place.

The 24 teams of this year's tournament are:

  • Albania – Group I runner-up
  • Austria – Group G winner
  • Belgium – Group B winner
  • Croatia – Group H runner-up
  • Czech Republic – Group A winner
  • England – Group E winner
  • France – Host nation (auto bid)
  • Germany – Group D winner
  • Hungary – Playoff winner
  • Iceland – Group A runner-up
  • Italy – Group H winner
  • Northern Ireland – Group F winner
  • Poland – Group D winner
  • Republic of Ireland – Playoff winner
  • Romania – Group F runner-up
  • Russia – Group G runner-up
  • Slovakia – Group C runner-up
  • Spain – Group C winner
  • Sweden – Playoff winner
  • Switzerland – Group E runner-up
  • Turkey – Best 3rd-place team
  • Ukraine – Playoff winner
  • Wales – Group B runner-up

Noticeably absent from this pool, of course, would be a USA team or any South American team. The Euro tournament only deals with European teams. The 24 teams to have earned their place will play off in group stages before entering into a more succinct tournament stage to decide a winner.

How the UEFA Euro Soccer Tournament is Structured

The Euro 2016 tournament is structured with six groups of four teams each. The teams will play every other team in the group one time, which is a total of three group games, and the top two teams from each group advance to a round of 16, the 12 best and four others. From there, it's all about which team wins an individual game, as this is considered the knock-out stage and the losing team goes home. Any games that are tied after the initial clock will have two 15-minute overtime periods. If still tied, a penalty shoot out will be implemented. In other words, there can be no ties allowed in the knockout stage. One team must win, and one must lose. The tournament lasts a month due to the extended stage of the group games. By themselves, these typically take up two weeks. But that's actually a good thing if you're betting on the action. It gives you a lot of time to figure out which teams in which groups are the strongest moving forward, so that you can bet easily and more confidently on stronger teams to advance in the tournament.

A Quick User Guide for USA Players Betting on Euro 2016

Let us run through a few very quick steps to help you get started with your betting:

Step one: Check out our recommendations and sign up with a US-friendly sportsbook that offers a lot of betting lines for Euro 2016. Sure, this is something you could do flying solo, but we eliminate the guesswork here by checking out these sites, ensuring they're secure and offer a lot of incentives, and then suggesting them to you. So you need do nothing here save choosing from our list of approved sportsbooks.

Step two: Choose your deposit method and fund your account. Before you decide the exact dollar amount you wish to put in, check out the site's bonus structure first and look to see if they're giving away any additional bonus money for people who deposit using their preferred methods. We don't recommend depositing a ton of money to start off with. Let the bonuses guide you and start relatively basic. A hundred or few is more than enough to get started.

Step three: Check out the options on which you can bet via the site you choose. You don't have to bet on any one set form of odds. You can find prop bets and live action and futures and much more. Take your time to go through these betting types to ensure that you're placing your money down on the bet type that suits you the best.

Tips for Betting on the 2016 Euro Soccer Tournament

Here are just a few basic, rudimentary tips to help you make solid bets:

  • Don't be too quick to bet! Allow the group stages to really get rolling first so that you can figure out which teams are doing well and which teams you should avoid betting on. You will have ample time to bet in the knockout stage, so you're not missing anything by waiting.
  • Research and keep up with player injury reports, how team A historically does vs. team B, and other pertinent information. While trends are never locked in stone, they may give you a good indication about how, say, France fairs against Spain, or Germany against Ireland, etc. The more you can figure out about these teams, the better off you are in terms of position to win.
  • Do not risk too much of your money on any one bet or at any one time. Stick with our 10% rule; that's our advice. So if you have $200 in your account, stick with a $20 bet. While the return might be smaller, the risk is also a lot smaller. If you catch some horrible luck, like a last-second goal and end up losing, the 10% hit isn't bit and is something from which you can recover. On the plus side, a 10% profit adds up, and each time you bet 10% after a win, you will be betting more and more money.
  • Only bet with the best sportsbooks out there! We cannot twist your arm or make the proverbial horse drink the water, but we do urge you to follow our recommendations so that you're betting with a trustworthy sportsbook whose security is tight and who provides fair play standards and high payout rates.
  • Lastly, don't bet as a fan but rather as a pragmatist who has viewed the information. You may have roots in Ireland or Germany, and so you're rooting for these teams to win. Fandom is the death of profit in any sport, unless you just so happen to be a fan of a great sporting team. By and large, betting as a fan will leave you broke.

This Year's Favorites and Odds

On an end note here, we want to give you a rundown of the teams who are favored to do well in Euro 2016 and their odds. Nothing fancy at all here. We just want to provide you with a rundown of the odds, so that you know how teams are currently shaping up. As the tournament progresses, of course, these odds are subject to change. So if you see odds you really like, you may want to consider betting before they do change.

  • France - +300
  • Germany - +333
  • Spain - +550
  • England - +800
  • Belgium - +1100
  • Italy - +1600

These teams have the best odds. You can find teams whose odds would pay off a whole lot more, but are less likely to win, like Poland @ +6600 or Albania @ +50000! We just want to give you an idea of which teams are favored and which are underdogs. But the best sportsbooks don't only rate teams but also their players. For instance, you can bet on which player you think will score the most goals in Euro 2016, like Thomas Muller of Germany @ +700 or France's Antoine Greizmann @ +800.

We hope this small guide has helped you en route to placing bets on Euro 2016.

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