Louisiana Legal Online Gambling Guide

LouisianaLouisiana offers quite a variety of entertainment to residents and visitors, including genuine New Orleans culture and a thriving gambling industry. There are a number of land based and riverboat casinos located in LA, some of them tribal owned, others privately owned. They range from small, traditional casinos to large resort style properties. Real money poker games are offered at many of these locations as well. Slot machines and video poker machines are allowed at destinations other than casinos, and it is not uncommon to find these types of games at gas stations, bars, restaurants, truck stops and other similar businesses. Pari-mutuel wagering has been legal in Louisiana since 1920, and the state strictly outlaws betting on any type of cockfighting or dog fighting.

The Louisiana state lottery has been operating since 1991, though the state's original lottery was founded in 1866 and ran successfully until the mid 1890s when the state legislature refused to renew the company's charter, leaving the state without a lottery game for around 100 years. Overall, the state of Louisiana does demonstrate a warm disposition concerning gambling. This leaves many players hopeful that state regulated online gambling could be a possibility in the not so distant future. This guide will take a look at the legalities involved with gambling in Louisiana, as well as which licensed destinations genuinely provide legal gambling options to LA players. Our US state gambling directory is structured to provide accurate and up to date information concerning the legal gambling opportunities in each state, and how the state's gambling laws affect online gambling within the state.

Louisiana Online Gambling Laws

Louisiana, also known as the Pelican State, does address online gambling in their state laws. They are also one of the states to implement the harshest penalties for those who attempt to operate any type of online gambling site within state borders. All portions of the code and penalties are directed to those running such websites. There are really no provisions that deal with those participating as players in such activities. The punishment can include jail time up to 6 months and a fine of $5000, or both. Based on this information, we strongly caution you to not get involved in any type of online gambling action that originates inside the state. Online gambling sites that are owned or operated from within Louisiana are illegal.

That being said, state laws in Louisiana do not prohibit players from engaging in legal online betting, including gambling sites that are licensed, regulated and based outside of the United States. There are also not any federal statutes that outlaw Louisiana players from engaging in legally sanctioned online gambling based offshore. When things become illegal is when unlicensed and unregulated gambling sites attempt to attract players from Louisiana to participate in their offerings. These are the types of destination you should stay away from.

Most Trusted Recommended Gambling Site For Louisiana Players

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Are online casinos legal in Louisiana?

Due to strict state law, it is illegal to own or operate and online casino website in the state of Louisiana. While the law's provisions are not directed at players, there are stiff penalties for those who attempt to operate an online casino in this state. The result is that there are not any state regulated online casinos available to residents of LA. Luckily, this law does not apply to online casinos that are licensed, regulated and located outside of the United States, so Louisiana residents are able to legally access and enjoy online casino gambling as long as they restrict their gaming sessions to those destinations that are operating legitimately within the industry, such as those sites recommended in this guide. Not only will this keep you on the legal side of the tracks, but it will also ensure you are not visiting any sites that are questionable or undesirable.

The legal online casinos located offshore that legally provide their gaming options to players in Louisiana have a lot to offer. They provide convenient, flexible access to your favorite casino games through a dynamic and sophisticated interface that delivers a realistic and enjoyable gaming experience. The online casinos that we have recommended here have all been vetted buy online casino gambling specialists who are experienced in analyzing the quality, value, and legitimacy of any brand in the industry. Each one of them is US friendly and except players from Louisiana. They're all legally licensed, regulated, compliance certified with the base of operations that is located outside of United States. We can easily recommend each of them without hesitation.

Legal Louisiana Online Casinos

Bovada Casino 100% Max $3,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Slotslv Casino 100% Max $5,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Cafe Casino 500% Max $5,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Is online poker legal in Louisiana?

You're not going to find any type of state regulated online poker options available in the state of Louisiana. As mentioned previously, Louisiana does have stringent laws that prohibit any type of state based online gambling operations. Their state laws do not however, prohibit Louisiana poker players from engaging an online poker gambling through legitimately licensed offshore poker sites. It is virtually the same situation as the online casino venue. No available state licensed online poker destinations but rather a handful of licensed and regulated online poker sites located offshore that accept players from United States, including the state of Louisiana. Based on the fact that Louisiana does have a favorable view of poker in general, is not a far stretch to believe that they may consider changing their existing state laws to allow for online poker at some point. Until that time the recommendations you fine listed in this guide provide you with secure, high-quality and reputable online poker gambling options.

There are a handful of legal online poker sites that are licensed, regulated, compliance certified, and located outside of United States and that welcome poker players from Louisiana. Our team of industry professionals has a combined range of experience that spans decades. This team has carefully examined and evaluated each of our recommended poker sites to verify hold the proper legal credentials, high end security profiles, a banking suite that supports the US players, a user interface it is speech are rich for a realistic and stimulating gaming experience. We place each brand through a very intense review process that effectively measures every element of their operation. Our results may not have produced a lengthy list of Louisiana online poker sites, but it is a refined list of the industry leading brands for accessing the best poker options.

Legal Louisiana Poker Sites

Betonline Poker 100% Max $2,500 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Ignition Poker 100% Max $1,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review Poker 200% Max $2,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Is online sports betting legal in Louisiana?

Sports betting falls into an entirely different category and casino and poker gambling do. The reason for this is because there are two distinct US federal laws in place that govern sports betting entertainment throughout the United States. The first of these laws is called the PASPA law, also known that's Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This law prohibits sports betting across the country and all of except for specific states including Delaware, Nevada, Montana and Oregon. Of those four states only two of them actually offer any type of sports betting options to their residents, Nevada and Delaware. Because Louisiana is not one of the exempted states, they are unable to offer any type of sports betting entertainment whatsoever. The second law that governs sports betting in the United States is the Federal Wire Act. This law prohibits any type of US based online sports betting. These two laws combine effectively prohibit online and off-line sports betting across the country. Despite the growing interest in legalizing sports betting within the United States, professional and collegiate leagues remain strongly opposed to the concept and actively lobbying against it. While some are holding out hope that the political climate will change and consider Sports fitting expansion in the United States, we consider it to be a pretty daunting uphill battle. Until those kinds of changes started take place there are some reputable and legally sanctioned online sportsbooks that accept Louisiana bettors.

Neither of the two federal US gambling laws discussed above prohibit Louisiana sports fans from engaging in license and regulated online sports betting at destinations that are based off shore. As long as you restrict your betting to those sportsbooks that are operating legitimately within the industry, then you're not at risk of violating any state or federal laws. The sports book that we have recommended on this page all welcome Louisiana sports fans and provide a fantastic range of competitive betting lines and odds that are comparable to the Vegas bookmakers. You're find every category of sports related game, match, and event covered in their lines and inefficient banking suite to supports US players. They each offer a wide range of wagering options that include prop bets on teams and players and live betting features that can also be accessed from their mobile application.

Legal Louisiana Online Sportsbooks

Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Betonline 25% Max $1,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review 25% Max $1,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Bookmaker 15% Max $2,500 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
GTBets 100% Max $250 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
Topbet 100% Max $1000 4 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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Louisiana Online Gambling FAQ's

I'm concerned about the security being effective at offshore gambling sites – is it really safe for Louisiana residents to gamble online at these website?

Those offshore gambling sites that hold legal licensing are subject to regulatory oversight and licensing requirements. Two of the primary elements that are monitored in the business are the security profile and fair gaming practices of each operation. Compliance with security regulations and protocols is mandatory, and we have found that our recommended gambling sites typically exceed minimum standards and requirements concerning security on their site in general and in their banking suite. These sites are also randomly audited by third party authorities to ensure fair gaming practices are adhered to. The key to landing at a genuinely safe and secure destination is to only visit those sites that have been professionally vetted by online gambling analysts, such as our team.

How do I get paid if I win at an online gambling site that is located in another country?

Getting your money from Canada, Panama, Antigua or one of the other overseas gambling meccas is actually not difficult. The most popular payout options for Louisiana gamblers include check by courier, bank wire transfers and person to person money transfers. Due to the restrictions enforced by the UIGEA law, in most cases having your funds transferred to your credit card is not an option, even if you used it to deposit your funds. I usually opt for the check option, as it doesn't typically carry the same hefty fees that wire transfers do. You don't have to travel to that country or anything crazy to claim your winnings or account balance.

What is the likelihood of Louisiana embracing state licensed online gambling?

Louisiana has passed specific legislation that criminalizes the act of operating any type of online gambling site within state borders. This does not scream 'pro-online-gambling' I'm afraid. Due to this cold climate towards online gambling websites, we are not sure when law makers in LA will warm up to the idea. Its just impossible to say at this point, but there is nothing indicating that it is a legitimate opportunity anytime soon. We know that the existing federal online gambling laws effectively prohibit any possibility of US based online sports betting, so you can be fairly certain that won't change anytime soon. Keep in mind that the online gambling sites listed in this guide all accept players from Louisiana and all offer premium gambling options.

What is the legal gambling age in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana has multiple age requirements that are dependent on the type of gambling in question. Players must be a minimum of 21 years of age in order to participate in playing the lottery, casino games or poker. Players must be at least 18 years of age to engage in pari-mutuel betting or bingo gambling. The legal gambling age of any state, including LA applies to any type of online gambling site you are interested in playing at regardless of whether or not the gambling site accepts players at a younger age. Most states take the minimum gambling age standards very seriously and do not hesitate to prosecute this offense when discovered – so we recommend that you don't risk it by engaging in underage gambling regardless of the fact that the gambling site may still accept your registration. It is not their job to monitor the regional laws that are in place for you – and they will not be held responsible if you are discovered to have illegally gambled while underage.

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