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Nebraska State FlagIn the 1800s and early 1900s Omaha Nebraska actually had a very active underground gambling culture, largely run by criminal the mob, including infamous criminals such as Tom Dennison. Dennison controlled the gambling underworld in Omaha Nebraska up until the 1930s. Many believe that gambling activities were controlled by the notorious Italian mob families well into the late 1960s and early 1970s. Today’s gambling landscape in the Cornhusker State are quite changed, with very little happening in the way of state regulated gambling entertainment for Nebraskans.

This guide will assist Nebraskan citizens who are seeking information about and access to legally sanctioned gambling opportunities state side. Legal Betting Online takes a close look at the current legal status for various forms of gambling in the state, as well as what types of online gambling opportunities are afforded Nebraskans. A lot of changes have taken place in the United States concerning the gambling industry, with state regulated online gambling emerging and efforts being made by some to expand sportsbook gambling in the US. This guide will provide the most current and accurate information regarding these topics to ensure you have everything you need to make informed decisions that coincide with your objectives.

Online Gambling Laws in Nebraska

Nebraska’s gambling laws make no mention of online gambling whatsoever. This means that it is not legal to own or operate an internet gambling site within Nebraska’s borders. It also means that the laws of the land do not prohibit Nebraskans from participating in legally licensed online gambling that is regulated and located offshore. Until such time that Nebraska lawmakers make a move to support state regulated betting, players in the Cornhusker State can legally access legitimately licensed and regulated gambling sites that are based outside of the United States. Doing so does not violate any state or federal gambling laws as long as you limit your interactive gambling to only those destinations that are operating legally within the industry. This means that they must hold legitimate credentials that include licensing, compliance certifications and regulatory oversight from a respected governing jurisdiction. The web based gambling sites that are listed on this page are all legally licensed and accept players from Nebraska.

Is Online Gambling Considered Legal In Nebraska?

There are no specific state or federal laws that actually ban or make the act of online gambling illegal in Nebraska. As long as you are gambling with an offshore site that is located outside of the United States, you can legally gamble due to international free trade laws.

Does Nebraska Have Any Plans To Legalize Online Gambling In The Future?

Nebraska has been very slow to warm up to most types of gambling entertainment found in the state. They are very conservative in their choices regarding legal betting in the state. We do not see them joining the slow moving trend for state based online gambling very quickly. They are willing to loose revenue to other states to maintain their desired standards. We would love to be wrong on this and see gambling at a state level become a new industry here.

Nebraska Online Gambling Sites - Top Rated And Legally Licensed Sites

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Nebraska Gambling FAQ's

What Is The Minimum Legal Gambling Age in Nebraska?

The legal minimum age requirements for gambling in Nebraska vary depending on which venue you are betting on. Bingo and charitable gambling carries a minimum age of 18 years old. To bet on horse racing, or play the lottery games individuals must be at least nineteen years old. Players must be at least 21 years of age to engage in casino gambling. These age requirements are enforced by the state’s gambling laws, and are taken seriously by the industry, community and law enforcement. In a state like Nebraska that has not yet established any type of state regulated online gambling, the minimum gambling age for engaging in internet betting is usually derived based on the coinciding state’s minimum gambling age requirements. For example, players in NE must be 19 to bet on horse races, hence they must also be 19 to engage in online pari-mutuel wagering. The same goes for online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls and lottery agents. We do not recommend attempts to begin gambling prior to reaching the minimum legal gambling age or encouraging underage gamblers to participate in any type of betting.

With No State Licensed Online Gambling Available, Will I Get Arrested For Betting Online?

Even though Nebraska has not legalized state regulated internet gambling, that in and of itself does not make it illegal to participate in online gambling entertainment that has been legitimately licensed and is subject to strict regulatory oversight from a respected governing jurisdiction. The state has not made any attempts to investigate or prosecute players for engaging in legally sanctioned internet gambling. This is because A) they are not interested in pursuing this course of action, and B) the state’s laws and even the federal laws do not prohibit it.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Nebraska?

This question comes with a yes and a no. Are state regulated online casinos legal in Nebraska? That is going to have to be a no for now. Are online casinos legal in Nebraska that are licensed, regulated and located offshore? Absolutely. Players from Nebraska are free to enjoy the betting and gaming services at legal offshore casinos that offer their services to Nebraska players, as long as they are legitimately licensed and regulated. All of the gambling sites on this page are indeed legally sanctioned destinations and have been vetted by our team to ensure they are legally operating within the industry. We have also vetted each site listed for quality as well. Our legal online casinos section covers the ins and outs of playing real money online casino games legally in the United States

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker In Nebraska?

Like online casinos, the poker sites available to Nebraskans are based offshore. There are not any state regulated online poker options at this time, however when gambling does begin to emerge in Nebraska, it will most likely start with poker. Until then, this page has a list of the industry’s top brands, all of them accepting players from Nebraska. Players must be 21 in order to not violate the state’s minimum legal gambling age requirements. The legal online poker sites that we recommend are all licensed and regulated, offer a very high quality gaming experience, and utilize a sophisticated security protocol to ensure the protection of your personal data.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Nebraska?

US based online sportsbooks are not legal in any state in the USA. This is due to the Federal Wire Act, which prohibits this type of betting entertainment from operating within the United States. This law does not impact our access to legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks offering betting services online to US players, including those in Nebraska. Betting on sports at this type of website is not a violation of Nebraska state gambling laws or US federal laws. You will find a refined listing of a handful of online sportsbooks that accept NE players. They represent the best that the industry has to offer and are all legally sanctioned, trustworthy destinations. We will not begin to see US based internet sportsbook gambling become established unless there are dramatic modifications to the existing US federal laws governing sportsbook gambling across the country. Feel free to check out our legal online sports betting guide for news and interesting content surrounding sports wagering in America. We even cover which professional league commissioners are proponents of online gambling and which are opposed.

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