Australia Gambling Laws Explained

Gambling is a popular form of entertainment in Australia. The country has both land-based and online gambling markets that are legally licensed and regulated by the Australian government. Aussie bettors can also enjoy the use of licensed offshore gambling sites. This page was created specifically for Australian residents and has pertinent information regarding the gambling laws of Australia and how they affect you (both in the land-based and online markets). There is also an FAQ section with additional information. After reading this guide, any Aussie punter should be informed on gambling in the Land Down Under, specifically how to gamble safely and legally.

Laws For Land Based Gambling In Australia

Land-based gambling is quite common in Australia. The country boasts numerous brick-and-mortar casinos throughout. These casinos offer popular games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker (with variations like Texas Hold ‘Em, Three Card Poker) and more. Australians can find pub pokies that feature video poker games with ease. Sports betting, betting on races, Bingo games and the Lottery are other gambling avenues Aussies can partake in.

One key element of Australian land-based gambling is the implication of regional-based law. This means that gambling is regulated by various State and Territory gaming committees. The Casino Control Act of 2006 is the governing doctrine that directs how gambling venues should operate and provides guidelines to the respective gaming committees. Australia’s Parliament provides some regulatory oversight, but the bulk of the enforcing lies with each individual region.

Online Gambling Laws In Australia

Australia’s online gambling community operates a little differently than the land-based market. There is a federal law that governs Australian-based online casinos known as the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. Basically, Aussies can gamble online, just not through Australian-based online gambling sites. This is specific to casino and poker games, most Australian-based gambling sites can offer Aussie residents sports betting, Lottery and bingo options. In any case, Aussies are free to use licensed offshore gambling providers. These providers have all of the things land-based casinos offer—slots, table games, poker games, sports betting, Bingo—along with some additional features like bonuses and mobile/live betting. Aussie punters have access to plenty of licensed offshore gambling providers, giving them an expanded range of options. If an Aussie resident were to bet with an Australian-land based casino, both the player and the gambling provider would be at legal risk, though the latter would face the brunt of any reprimands.

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Interactive Gambling Act of 2001

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, or IGA, is the federal law regulating Australian online gambling. The law was passed in alignment with the rapid growth and emergence of technology. In order to prevent the spread of rampant gambling in a country where it is already prevalent, Parliament saw fit to enact a law that would forever change the Australian online gambling landscape. While there are licensed and regulated Australian-based online gambling providers, Australian residents are not allowed to use them. In fact, these Aussie online gambling sites are not even allowed to market their products and services to Australian residents. In doing so, the operator faces hefty fines and other possible action. The law was pointed more towards the gambling providers in the country and not the individual bettors. Residents of Australia can still gamble online, they just have to do so with licensed offshore gambling providers such as the ones listed in this guide.


Is It Legal For Me To Use Australian-Based Gambling Sites?

If you are a resident of Australia, it is illegal to use Australian-based online gambling sites. This is due to the IGA. Aussies are free to gamble in land-based casinos, pokies or other licensed gambling venues within country lines.

Is It Legal For Me To Use Offshore Gambling Sites?

As long as the offshore gambling site you are using is legally sanctioned and regulated by a respected government, it is legal. Australian law doesn’t say anything about local punters betting with licensed offshore gambling sites. These offshore sites provide the only legal means for Aussies to gamble online. In a country where gambling is so popular, the distinction between offshore gambling sites and Australian-based gambling sites is very important.

Do These Offshore Gambling Sites Accept Australian AUD Currency?

Yes. Most licensed offshore gambling sites accept the Australian dollar as a viable currency. You can make deposits and receive payouts in AUD dollars. Any transaction fees incurred depend on your deposit/payout method and the financial institution you are using.

Who Regulates Gambling In Australia?

Land based gambling in Australia is regulated through regional governing bodies specific to individual territories and states. Online gambling is subject to regulation by the Commonwealth of Australia through the Interactive Gambling Act.

What Types Of Services Do Australian Friendly Offshore Gambling Sites Provide?

You will find a wide range of gambling entertainment available through these offshore providers. This includes Australian online casinos, poker sites, sports betting, bingo halls and online lottery games. These offshore gambling sites also offer bonuses, which is essentially free money added onto your account by the providers themselves. Bonuses act as incentives for you to keep betting and are offered throughout the year. Most reputable offshore gambling sites provide mobile versions of their sites.