Drake’s Legal Online Gambling World Tour Off To Its Start In Turks And Caicos

Drake has been a household name for well over a decade. Ever since he secured the breakout role of Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, he has become a staple figure when it comes to show biz.

But it seems acting and singing have grown old on the Canadian superstar as he turns to a new corner of the entertainment industry.

Beachside Betting In Turks and Caicos

North America’s Certified Loverboy has developed a recent penchant for legal online casinos. And when you’re as big of a celebrity as Drake, monetizing your interests is just another part of the job.

On Wednesday, the 6God posted Instagram content from a trip to Turks and Caicos where he and rapper Jack Harlow hosted a promotional benefit. The pair walk around the island of Provo and invite strangers to play legal online roulette using Drake’s account funds.

In one video, Drake “blesses” an aspiring singer with 20k after hitting a lucky spin. In the caption he says,

“Me and @jackharlow blessing the island on behalf of @stake my fav thing in the world is to try and change someone’s day week month or year 🤞”

The Turks and Caicos trips are likely the first of many promotional trips to come.

It all started in December of 2021 when the rapper entered a branding deal with Stake. Since then, he has quickly become one of the international gaming operator’s greatest assets. Stake promotional content has largely taken priority when it comes to Drake’s social media posts.

Drakes Loves Legal Online Gambling

On Drake’s Instagram page, @champagnepapi, Stake’s Instagram account and website are both plugged at the top of his bio. Like any celebrity, he uses his posts to promote collaborations and events with the gaming partner.

But Drake’s fond feelings towards legal online sports betting and gambling are authentic. In recent months, it has become typical of Drake to post occasional IG stories of himself playing Stake games.

In February, the 6God posted snapshots of himself gambling while at the Toronto Raptors game. In the post, he wrote, “Had a extra seat for my laptop as well…”

Very quickly, the rapper became known as one of the most heavy-handed gamblers in the game. On another promotional post, fans noticed that Drake had already gambled over $1 billion with Stake under the username, “DeepPockets6.”

How To Gamble Like The GOAT

Drake plans to host a live virtual gambling event with Stake sometime soon. The rapper has yet to announce a date for the occasion, though we expect it could coincide with the end of legal March Madness betting.

Unfortunately, Stake is not yet available to players in the US or Australia. But bettors from those regions can still get in on the action via legal offshore casinos. Just like Stake, most of these sites offer legal Bitcoin gambling options that you can’t find domestically.

Source: Afro Tech