Early Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets: Odds for Game, Halftime, Commercials, and Trump

Odds for the initial round of Super Bowl LIII prop bets have been released, and it contains Donald Trump, Adam Levine and everything in-between.

Keep in mind that there are still two rounds (divisional, conference) to go in the 2019 NFL Playoffs before Super Bowl LIII kicks offs on February 3rd.

We’ve separated each of the 30 prop bets for the Super Bowl and the playoffs into these six categories:

  • Game
  • Misc.
  • Halftime Show
  • Commercial
  • Divisional Round
  • Other

All Super Bowl LIII prop bets are from Bovada. If you’re interested in viewing the latest odds, you can check out the up-to-date odds for everything listed below here.

Game Prop Bets

Who will win Super Bowl LIII?

AFC Team (+115)

NFC Team (-155)

Will a wild card team make it to the Super Bowl?

Yes (+125)

No (-165)

Will a wild card team win the Super Bowl? 

Yes (+285)

No (-470)

Will either kicker hit the upright or crossbar on a missed field goal or extra point?

Yes (+375)

No (-650)

Will either team not punt during the game?

Yes (Either Team Does Not Punt) +1000

No (Both Teams Punt) -5000

How many touchdown passes will be thrown by Non-QBs?

Over 0.5 (+500)

Under 0.5 (-900)

Will any player be ejected for throwing a punch or fighting?

Yes (+700)

No (-1600)

Misc. Prop Bets

Will Donald Trump attend the game?

Yes (+459)

No (-700)

Will the Super Bowl winning team visit the White House?

Yes (-140)


Will any player “Take A Knee” during the National Anthem?

Yes (+400)

No (-700)

Will a fan run onto the field?

Yes (+900)

No (-3500)

Will the Chick-fil-A franchise in Mercedes-Benz Stadium be open on Super Bowl Sunday?

Yes (+800)

No (-2500)

Will the roof of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium be open for kickoff?

Yes (-260)

No (+175)

Halftime Show Prop Bets

Will Christina Aguilera Make an appearance during the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Yes (+200)

No (-300)

How many songs will be played during the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Over 7.5 (-120)

Under 7.5 (-120)

Will Adam Levine be wearing a hat at the start of the halftime show?

Yes (-120)

No (-120)

Commercial Prop Bets

How many commercials will run during Super Bowl LIII?

NBC Broadcast Only. From Kickoff to Games End. 

Over 96 (-120)

Under 96 (-120)

Which (beer) commercial will appear first?

Bud Light (+120)

Michelob Ultra (+150)

Budweiser (+250)

Busch (+1500)

Which (soda) commercial will appear first?

Coke or variants (-170)

Pepsi or variants (+130)

NFL Playoffs – Divisional Round Prop Bets

Will the Eagles run a variation of the “Philly Special?” 

Any pass attempt targeting Nick Foles will have “Yes” graded as the winner.

Yes +400

No -700

How many lower seed teams will win?

0 (+260)

1 (+160)

2 (+300)

3 (+325)

4 (+10000)

(Over/Under) How many lower seed teams will win? 

Over 1.5 (+130)

Under 1.5 (-170)

How many missed field goals will there be?

Over 3 (+110)

Under 3 (-150)

What will be the highest margin of victory?

Over 17.5 Points (EVEN)

Under 17.5 Points (-140)

What will be the most points scored by one team?

Over 38.5 (-125)

Under 38.5 (-115)

Who will record more rushing yards? 

Ezekiel Elliott (-165)

Todd Gurley (+125)

Will a fake punt be attempted?

Yes +200

No -300

Will an onside kick be attempted?

Yes (-250)

No (+170)

Will any game go to overtime?

Yes +220

No -340

Other Prop Bets

Where will Nick Foles play in time for Week 1 of the 2019-2020 NFL Season?

Philadelphia Eagles (+500)

Any Other Team (-900)