As March Madness Peaks, So Does Legal Betting Online In The United States

Sports fans love this time of year. The Kentucky Derby thoroughbred horse race is right around the corner, as is the Masters men’s professional golf tournament. But this time of the year is best known to the basketball betting aficionado as March Madness in the United States. As recent upsets have shown, the madness of March is in full effect during this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. And as March Madness continues to build towards its climax on April 7, less than two weeks away, so do the legal betting online options for sports lovers and gamblers in the United States. It is estimated that between $2.5 and $3 billion a year is wagered on March Madness basketball games, with the majority of that action happening in the United States.

In the UK and other areas of the world, legally betting on a sporting contest has been possible for some time. However, the Department of Justice in the US still believes that sports wagering online should not be an activity that is provided by US-based companies. Yes, Internet poker and virtual casino gaming has come to New Jersey and Delaware, legally certified by those states. Nevada now offers state-based and regulated Internet poker, and it appears that California and Philadelphia are poised to enter the United States Internet gambling industry very soon.

But currently US citizens in those states and others can not legally place a wager on a sporting event through a state or federally based US company or website. However, all is not lost. The unregulated Wild West atmosphere of Internet gambling which began back in the early 1990’s still exists to some extent. However, the industry has done a decent job of policing itself in recent years. Politically and financially stable jurisdictions like Curacao and Costa Rica, as well as legally recognized Indian tribes such as the Mohawk Kahnawake Gaming Commission, have formed regulatory bodies which legally license and monitor a select number of legal online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks. This lends legitimacy and respect to those non-US companies that obtain legal licensing from those providers.

This licensing provided by reputable regulatory bodies recognized by the Internet gambling industry means that legal betting online on sports events is possible for US residents, even if their own state does not provide it. New Jersey is currently appealing a recent ruling that says they cannot offer sports gambling options through their currently legally licensed Internet casinos and poker rooms. They have appealed to the Supreme Court, and that appeal is awaiting an opinion. Until then, there are certain things that United States sports gamblers need to look for in legitimate web gambling sportsbooks: attractive lines, parlay, teaser and other wagering options, and reliable software, as well as legal licensing.

And just as with any industry, those companies which have been doing business for some time will usually offer a better all-around experience. If you are looking to place a legal online wager on March Madness, the Masters, the Kentucky Derby or any upcoming sporting event held in the United States or somewhere else around the world, give a potential offshore sportsbook a quick visual tour before opening an account. There are those few legitimate operators which operate with extreme integrity, and strive for customer satisfaction. Safely making legal online wagers can provide an enjoyable and potentially profitable experience when you ensure that your Internet sportsbook is legally licensed in an industry recognized jurisdiction. As the madness of March college basketball continues to grow, US sports bettors can turn to trustworthy, safe and reputable offshore sportsbooks until the inevitable day that web gambling on sporting events becomes a legally offered option from US companies. Check out some of our legal online sportsbook reviews where we go into great detail on the absolute best 5 star sports betting sites open to USA players.