Sweet 16 Betting Odds And Region Bracket Futures Suggest Competitive March Madness

The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament is now down to the final 16 teams, and college basketball sportsbooks have game lines posted for each of this weekend’s matchups.

The NCAAB championship futures have offered a scattershot of what the final teams remaining in March Madness might look like, but until the bracket is set, the money lines merely represent each team’s overall chances of winning without concern to their postseason seeding.

Now that the tournament has completed the opening two rounds – three if you count the First Four – March Madness betting sites have narrowed the odds to more closely represent their current path to a title.

Sweet 16 Betting Odds

  • Gonzaga (#1) +140
  • Baylor (#1) +450
  • Alabama (#2) +900
  • Michigan (#1) +900
  • Houston (#2) +1000
  • Loyola Chicago (#8) +1400
  • Arkansas (#3) +1800
  • Florida State (#4) +2100
  • Oregon (#7) +2800
  • USC (#6) +2800
  • Villanova (#5) +4500
  • Syracuse (#11) +6000
  • UCLA (#11) +6600
  • Oregon State (#12) +8000
  • Creighton (#5) +9000
  • Oral Roberts (#15) +10000

It should come as no surprise that the undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs are coming in as the top-ranked team in the money line odds to win March Madness in 2021.

Gonzaga is favored to defeat Creighton by 13.5 points according to online sportsbooks offering Sweet 16 betting odds, and they have easily covered during the opening two rounds of the 2021 NCAAB Tournament.

All three remaining 1 seeds are projected to win their bracket and advance to the semifinals according to Final Four betting sites, and the following odds offer a glimpse into what each team’s chances are.

East Regional Winner

  • Michigan (#1) +150
  • Alabama (#2) +180
  • Florida State (#4) +325
  • UCLA (#11) +700

Michigan and the Florida State Seminoles will play in the Round of 16 this Sunday, however, despite their 175 point separation in the money line, the Wolverines are only favored to win by 3.5 points.

When betting on a straight-up winner in the Michigan vs. FSU game, the money line narrows to a 60 point chasm. Although a win by either team does not guarantee a win in the following round, it does allow for more wagering options for outcomes that require similar results.

Midwest Regional Winner

  • Houston (#2) +110
  • Loyola Chicago (#8) +170
  • Syracuse (#11) +475
  • Oregon State (#12) +950

The Midwest Region is the only bracket where the number 1 seed, the Illinois Fighting Illini, has been bounced from the tourney. The Houston Cougars are not often featured this deep into March Madness, but as of this writing, they are favored to reach the Final Four and contend for a National Championship.

South Regional Winner

  • Baylor (#1) -150
  • Arkansas (#3) +220
  • Villanova (#5) +525
  • Oral Roberts (#15) +2100

The lowest remaining seed overall is the #15 Oral Roberts Golden Eagles, who often appear in the tournament due to being a strong basketball program in an otherwise weak conference. A 15 seed cannot advance without knocking off a 2 seed, and that seems to happen just about every year in the NCAAB postseason.

First, they knocked off Ohio State (2), and then sent the University of Florida Gators (7) packing, but Oral Roberts is still not getting any respect from oddsmakers. If you believe they have what it takes in 2021, then a $1 bet on them to win their bracket or the overall title will reward gamblers to the tune of $21 or $100, respectively.

West Regional Winner

  • Gonzaga (#1) -350
  • USC (#6) +600
  • Oregon (#7) +625
  • Creighton (#5) +1600

If you’re wanting to earn more than you risk by betting on Gonzaga, you can still do so by laying some action on their championship futures, but the above West Regional odds will require a wager of $350 to earn $100.

NCAAB Betting Odds – Bovada

Source – ESPN