Video Game Simulations Offer Sports Betting Opportunity During Quarantine

With almost everyone on the planet practicing social distancing and quarantining at home, wagering options have disappeared, causing sportsbooks to get more creative when offering betting lines.

Oddsmakers have become accustomed to natural lulls in the sports betting schedule. There are pockets of inactivity throughout the calendar year, and sportsbooks have leaned upon entertainment odds and betting on virtual sports during those downtimes.

The level of industry inactivity caused by the spread of Coronavirus is unprecedented. Betting lines that would have made us laugh a few months ago are now realistic and attractive wagering options. One such betting opportunity that has stepped into the forefront is gambling on video game simulation outcomes.

Top-rated offshore sportsbooks are offering simulations odds on video game matchups for football, soccer, and basketball. Each game is announced ahead of time with complete betting lines offered, including a spread, totals, and American odds.

“[H]aving the computer simulate each game provides that same feeling that most of us experience while watching a real-life athletic contest. It’s amazing how fast you forget it’s a video game and start to become invested in the outcome of the matchup.”
– David Strauss, Head Oddsmaker at

It really aids in the betting experience when it can be seen on a television screen, according to Forbes. Oddsmakers agree and are betting on simulation sports during the quarantine.

Simulation odds fall under the category of virtual sports, which has been around since the 1960s. During the early days, randomly generated data was inserted into a computer, which printed out the results on a piece of paper. Now, the random data is generated by a personal gaming computer using video game software, and the results are displayed on screen, just like a real game.

When it is time for the competition to commence, the two computer-controlled teams face one another just like any other athletic contest. Games can be viewed on a live video stream at, with the exact URL provided in the fine print of the betting line.

Simulation odds provided by MyBookie.

Madden 20

Madden is the most popular football video game franchise and has been for nearly 30 years now. It is no surprise that it was the game chosen when offshore sportsbooks opted to offer odds on simulated contests.  Betting on a video game sim is just like betting on a real game, and requires information gathering prior to risking any money.

When entering the section for video game simulations, you’ll notice that the betting lines look the same as those that are offered when betting on the NFL. One interesting aspect of these contests is that the weather condition is declared before the beginning of the game, and the effect that these conditions will have on the playing surface are affecting the odds.

Indianapolis Colts (-5.0) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Straight: Colts -200, Jaguars +150
Total: 42.5
Weather: Rain

Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5)

  • Straight: Bears +130, Chargers -170
  • Total: 43
  • Weather: Light Rain

Seattle Seahawks (-7.0) @ Arizona Cardinals

  • Straight: Seahawks -320, Cardinals +210
  • Total: 48
  • Weather: Cloudy


One of the most popular sports games going today is the NBA2k franchise. Each year, a new game is issued and is routinely one of the most active gaming communities online. Betting on NBA simulations is one of the most popular virtual options because the 2020 NBA season was suspended just prior to the beginning of the playoffs. At the time of this writing, betting lines were being developed, and totals were not offered.

Sacramento Kings @ Minnesota Timberwolves (-2.5)

  • Straight: Kings +100, Timberwolves -130


Although not as popular in the United States, soccer, or football, is a premium sport in most other counties and commands intense fandom and betting attention. FIFA has been the top soccer video game on the market since the Sega Genesis was around in the early 1990s and represents an accurate portrayal of an international soccer match, complete with singing audiences and exaggerated injuries.

Now bettors around the world can scratch that sports betting itch with simulated FIFA20 action. And you don’t even need to mix it up with the hooligan’s and risk getting trampled in a riot. These contests can be wagered on by legally betting online from the comfort of your living room.

SSC Napoli (Pashok75) vs FC Bayern Munich (Flewless Phoenix) (-.025)

  • Straight: Napoli +190, Bayern +137
  • Total: 2.5