Presidential Impeachment Odds 2020

Is it legal to bet on whether or not President Trump will be impeached? Well, there is no more hot-button issue in politics than Presidential impeachment. It doesn’t happen often, but when articles of impeachment are considered or brought against a sitting US President, you can expect there to be significant interest from the betting public.

Presidential impeachment odds are extremely popular when offered by offshore political betting sites and sportsbooks as a general rule, but the debate surrounding Donald Trump's impeachment is the loudest and most polarizing in the history of America.

If you think you know how the political world is trending on the subject of impeachment, it makes sense to put a few dollars on your hunch. However, to do so, you’ve got to know where to legally bet on Presidential impeachment in the first place, so read on to find out!

Is It Legal To Bet On Presidential Impeachment?

Yes, you can wager on Presidential impeachment at any reputable sportsbook that offers lines on it. However, we have yet to find the opportunity to do so at any domestic US betting site or brick-and-mortar venue, as political betting seems to be barred by US-regulated sportsbooks. As a result, you're best option is to use an offshore election betting site in order to get in on the action.

There are not any federal online gambling laws that make it a crime to place bets on politics or to do so at offshore betting sites that are operating legally within the industry.  Both CT and WA do have state laws prohibiting all forms of online gambling, but those laws are not historically enforced, and we’re not aware of a single resident ever being “impeached” for gambling over the Internet. However, when you wager online in these states, understand that you do so at your own risk.

Best Legal Online Sportsbooks To Bet On Presidential Impeachment

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Donald Trump's Impeachment Odds

How likely is it that President Donald Trump will be impeached?

As you can see from the above odds, bettors at different offshore sites have different ideas about the likelihood of Trump impeachment. Bovada – perhaps the most trafficked and popular betting site on the Internet – sees more money on the affirmative, while most other top books see a majority of bettors rejecting the premise.

Tactically, there are risks for politicians on both sides of the impeachment debate, and that makes it very difficult to predict exactly how far the Trump impeachment initiative is likely to go.

Will Donald Trump Be Removed From Office?

Currently, there are no odds at any of the major sites that offer legal election betting. No President has ever been removed from office via the US Congress, and it is unlikely that Trump will be the first.

However, with each passing day, the potential for a bombshell news item to hit the wire and change the entire landscape seems to grow, so the potential is always going to be there. If and when Trump is formally impeached, you will see Trump removal odds at all the top betting sites.

Where Can I Legally Bet on Trump's Impeachment Odds?

Impeachment betting is the most popular category or market for legal political betting during the current cycle, as news of Donald Trump’s potential impeachment is pounding the mainstream media 24/7. It is the water-cooler discussion of 2019, and there’s no getting away from it.

As a result, many curious voters and political wagering enthusiasts are looking to place bets on Trump's impeachment. We have not found any impeachment betting lines at any domestic sportsbooks, however, all of the sportsbooks we mention on this page do cover the odds for Trump to be impeached.  The sportsbooks mentioned above are secure, high quality betting sites that are all operating legally within the industry.

Best Funding Method For Legal Impeachment Betting

While there are several ways to load up your betting accounts at legal online casinos and sportsbooks offering impeachment odds, Bitcoin is the best funding method. Bitcoin not only provides a safe, secure, anonymous way to wager on impeachment online, but it’s also the best way to receive payouts. When betting at offshore sites, Bitcoin is the only same-day withdrawal method offered.

Plus, using fiat money to bet on the ouster of the highest-ranking government official just seems...wrong. Bitcoin takes government out of the game so you can bet on taking government out of the game!

Donald Trump Impeachment 2019-2020

Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election as a massive betting (and polling) underdog, and his victory has been the most controversial in history. Effectively half of the US population believes that Trump had outside foreign assistance, while the other half thinks that Trump has been unfairly vilified by a biased media and various outspoken career politicians.

From the Mueller Report and The Wall to the Tariff Wars and the Ukraine Phone Call, Trump has flirted with the prospect of impeachment from Day One. Whether or not he’ll actually be impeached in his first term as POTUS remains to be seen, but action on the topic is trending across the Internet at all the top sites where legal online betting is offered.

Impeachment infograph

Pros And Cons Of Presidential Impeachment

Impeaching a sitting President is a huge risk for both sides of the political spectrum. The process is based on a calculus that takes into consideration any and all potential fallout from initiating the process, whether it remains an impeachment inquiry, full-blown impeachment, or removal from office. Impeachment can have a huge effect on both Democratic election odds and Republican election odds.

When betting on Presidential impeachment and assessing the impeachment chances for a given President, all these factors must be accounted for.


  • Upholding law and order to show that nobody – not even the President of the United States – is above the law
  • Removing a President who has shown conduct detrimental to the domestic and national security
  • Addressing and correcting perceived fraudulent activity on the part of the President or those working under their direct orders


  • Alienating significant voter blocs
  • Convincing a large number of voters that their votes did not count
  • Risking Congressional re-election in the US House and Senate for those supporting (or opposing) the impeachment process
  • Galvanizing opposition party voter turnout in future elections, harming the party that brought impeachment charges
  • Potentially delegitimizing the fundamental election process in the eyes of the President’s supporters
  • Civil unrest and global instability

Presidential Impeachment FAQs

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