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Known as the Breeders' Cup World Championships, this is a horse race that's actually ran more or less like a concert event with different bands performing. Rather than being one race, like a Kentucky Derby, the Breeders' Cup is actually a series of races. This event-style race lures in millions of gamblers from around the globe, all of whom want to bet on the ponies and hopefully win some serious money. Though what if you're located in the USA where gambling is supposedly illegal? Do you have any legitimate options here?

Legal Betting Online wants to make a few points clear about the legality of betting on an event like the Breeders' Cup. Though we also want you to win money when you're gambling. After all, if you win after taking our advice, that bodes very well for us. So we hope you win tons! To give you the tools necessary to increase your odds of winning, here is some information on the Breeders' Cup that may come in handy.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Breeders Cup Horse Race In The United States?


One thing you should realize about horse racing in the United States is that it's technically legal. It is legal per the federal government. They carved out an exemption in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) just for legal horse betting, so there are no worries on that front. They then turned the legality issue over to the states, who individually got to decide whether horse racing was legal or illegal. While the majority of states have kept the sport legal, some have opted out, like Virginia and Utah among others.

What does this mean for you don't if you live in those legal gambling states? Nothing, basically. It just means 1) you will not be able to attend a live race in your state because your state isn't offering any, and 2) it means you won't find a state-based racebook. But in terms of your ability to bet on horse racing via the Internet, you can still find sites to accept you, either licensed by an American state or based outside of US jurisdiction (offshore). So the act of you placing a wager on the Breeders' Cup via the Internet is something that is legal for you, if you live in the USA. This topic isn't as complex or gray as casino gambling or poker.

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What Is The Breeders Cup?

More than a single race that only lasts a few minutes, the Breeders' Cup is a legitimate event. This series of Grade 1 Thoroughbred races is controlled by Breeders' Cup Limited, and the race has been happening since 1984. Relatively new in comparison to other famous races, the Breeders' Cup is still one of the world's most popular horse-based events. In 2007, the race moved from a single-day event to a multi-day event. And while the races typically take place on different tracks in different locations every year, every event has been held in the United States except in 1996 when the event took place in Canada at Woodbine Racetrack.

Other than the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, and the Preakness Stakes, the Breeders' Cup is the largest annual horse racing event in the USA, and it has a very large global presence with gamblers. To date, there are 14 races in the Breeders' Cup. Here are the races, followed by the top prize amount:

  • Juvenile Turf - $1 million
  • Dirt Mile - $1 million
  • Juvenile Filles Turf - $1 million
  • Distaff - $2 million
  • Juvenile Filles - $2 million
  • Filly and Mare Turf - $2 million
  • Filly and Mare Sprint - $1 million
  • Turf Sprint - $1 million
  • Juvenile - $2 million
  • Turf - $3 million
  • Sprint - $1.5 million
  • Mile - $2 million
  • Breeders' Cup Classic - $5 million

As you can see, these races encompass different genders and different ages, ran on different surfaces over different distances. Each race is considered to be an individual race, so the horses aren't exactly accumulating points for an ultimate winner or anything. The main race of the event is the Classic, which is more or less like a Derby-style race wherein the prize is a whopping $5 million. 14 starting horses are ran in all but the Dirt Mile, which only has 12 horses. These horses are selected by a points system (think CFB), a panel of racing experts, and how horses do in Breeders' Cup Challenge Races, which are held throughout the year.

Previous Breeders' Cup Winners

The format of the Breeders' Cup changed in 2007, plus there are over a dozen races every year. So, we're only going to deal with the winners of the big one, the Classic, and we're only focusing on 2007 and prior. Here are the previous winners, listed in order from 1990 until 2007.

  • 1990: Unbridled
  • 1991: Black Tie Affair
  • 1992: A.P. Indy
  • 1993: Arcangues
  • 1994: Concern
  • 1995: Cigar
  • 1996: Alphabet Soup
  • 1997: Skip Away
  • 1998: Awesome Again
  • 1999: Cat Thief
  • 2000, '01: Tiznow
  • 2002: Volponi
  • 2003: Pleasantly Perfect
  • 2004: Ghostzapper
  • 2005: Saint Liam
  • 2006: Invasor
  • 2007: Curlin

Why give you the list of winners? We hope that you look up the horses. Find out what else they were winning that year. See what the winners had in common. See how they practiced. If you can find these common threads, you might be able to spot good bets for the Breeders' Cup.

How You Can Bet on the Breeders' Cup - Tips

1: Find a Site that Fires on All Cylinders

The first step in the process of betting on anything within the Breeders' Cup is to find the right racebook, or a sportsbook with a racing option. This can be easier said than done, since there are so many different websites out there from which to choose. So, we'd like to give you a very quick rundown on some of the things you're looking for in a quality site. Your chosen site should:

  • Embrace US residents with open arms
  • Feature betting options on every Cup race
  • Give you simulcast options to watch the races
  • Give you plenty of lines for each individual race
  • Have ironclad, transparent security
  • Have valid licensing and regulation going for it
  • Have a great reputation of being a fair site
  • Give you good bonuses
  • Have great customer support

Legal Betting Online has fortunately completed much of this process for you. If you need to find a good site, you only need to simply follow our lead and go where we suggest. Trust me, it will save you a lot of hassle and put you in a position to be successful! Half the battle is winning. But if you can't get paid, it's all for nothing. So we at least take that part out of the equation by lining you up with the most reputable racebooks. Now all you have to do is pick em correctly.

2: Research the Horses in the Race

This tip is a two'fer. First and foremost, decide on which races you want to bet. After this, see which horses are running. You don't need to study them to the extent you're ready to write a master's thesis, but you do want to see how well they're running in general. Look for hot horses, horses that practiced well, horses that do well on dirt, turf, in sprints, distances, etc. A little bit of research will help you understand which horses are likely to do well.

3: Learn what the Odds Mean

Those 20:1 odds are simple enough to understand. You bet $1, you win $20 if that horse wins. But what about across the board bets, or boxed bets, or a daily double, a trifecta, a perfecta, etc? Refer to our resource here to find out what these betting terms mean. By understanding the odds and the bets you will place, you will be in a much better position to bet to win. Knowledge is power in many walks of life, and especially so in gambling.

4: Don't Go Crazy on Complex Bets

Even after you have learned about the bets at the Breeders' Cup, you don't want to run wild. There are 14 races from which to choose. So why would you risk your money by attempting to accurately pick the four finishers in any one race? You can play a simple straight card, in two or three races, and have a much, much better chance of actually winning. Another tip here: Don't bet on every race! Just because it's an event doesn't mean you need to participate. You don't have to bet on all races; pick out the ones you feel put you in a good place statistically to win.

5: Leverage on a "Dog"

Okay, let's say you've bet $20 on horse X in the Juvenile turf race at 3:1. Then you see that a horse that, according to your research, might do well in the Sprint race. Let's call him horse Y. You see this horse has 12:1 odds. Well, a good way to go about your betting here is to leverage. A $5 bet on Y yields $60 on a win and more than covers your $20 should you lose. Proceed with caution, however, and make sure you really know the horses, because it's conceivable that you can lose both (or all) races. Leveraging on an underdog with the options in 14 races is a very smart move, but only if you know the horses' odds of winning.

Legal Betting Online wants to stress here that this isn't an overly complex topic. As long as you choose the right site, research the horses, understand your bets, and bet responsibly, you can have a great time while putting yourself in a position to win. The Breeders' Cup offers you plenty of opportunities to win. You only need to take advantage of them.

Breeders Cup Dates

The Breeders Cup champions race are held on November 3rd-4th, 2017

Helpful Links For Breeders Cup Enthusiasts

Breeders Cup Official Website - this is an excellent site that has pretty much everything you need to know about the breeders cup. You can also download the official race programs on the site.

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