Halftime Performance Prop Bets And National Anthem Odds For Super Bowl 57

Online NFL sportsbook sites have amassed a legion of Super Bowl prop bets that encompass the entirety of the televised broadcast. Today, we’re focusing on the glut of props offered for Chris Stapleton’s National Anthem rendition and Rihanna’s Halftime Show performance.

Betting On Chris Stapleton’s National Anthem Performance

The Super Bowl National Anthem prop bets that we’ve seen thus are fairly traditional. National Anthem over/under odds are the most common line you’ll find on the Super Bowl’s Star-Spangled Banner.

How Long Will It Take Chris Stapleton To Sing The US National Anthem?

  • Over 2 Minutes And 05 Seconds -170
  • Under 2 Minutes And 05 Seconds +130

The official National Anthem time stoppage will occur after Stapleton finishes singing the final word brave the first time. Any additional mentions of brave will not count toward the official time.

This is all thanks to Gladys Knight in Super Bowl LIII who sang brave several times at the end and caused props to cancel across most online sportsbooks.

The next two Anthem props suggest that Stapleton will not forget any lyrics and that his performance will be longer than the shortest scoring drive.

Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than It Takes To Sing The Star-Spangled Banner?

  • Yes -220
  • No +165

Will Any Word Be Forgotten Or Omitted From The National Anthem?

  • Yes +500
  • No -900

Betting On Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

When searching forĀ Super Bowl Halftime Show prop bets this year, we found plenty of familiar favorites and some new options as well.

Color Of Rihanna’s First Outfit

  • Black -110
  • Gold +600
  • Silver/Grey +600
  • White +600
  • Green +700
  • Purple/Pink +800
  • Red +850
  • Blue +1000
  • Brown +1400
  • Yellow +1400
  • Orange +1800

The predominant color of Rihanna’s initial outfit during the Super Bowl Halftime Show will be the winner of the above prop. Similar logic applies to the line on the color of Rihanna’s hair below.

Color Of Rihanna’s Hair

  • Brown/Black -350
  • Bright Red +220
  • Blonde +650

Don’t Stop The Music is a high-energy hit from Rihanna’s past and would be a great start to her Super Bowl setlist. It is the current favorite to be her first song during halftime, but all of the betting options will payout well.

Rihanna’s First Song

  • Don’t Stop The Music +225
  • Diamonds +275
  • Stay +350
  • This Is What You Came For +450
  • Lift Me Up +475
  • What’s My Name +600
  • We Found Love +1200
  • Umbrella +1400
  • Where Have You Been +1400
  • All Of The Lights +1800
  • Pour It Up +1800
  • Needed Me +2000
  • Rude Boy +2000
  • Work +2000
  • Hate That I Love You +2500
  • Higher +2500
  • Unfaithful +2500

Rihanna’s Super Bowl setlist over/under is set at 9.5 total songs. Keep in mind that partial songs count as complete songs, as Super Bowl performances are usually a medley of past and current hits.

Number Of Songs In Rihanna’s Set

  • Over 9.5 -105
  • Under 9.5 -130

The next Halftime prop is a collection of potential occurrences. Place a bet on the event, and if it happens, get paid.

To Occur During Rihanna’s Performance On Stage

  • A$AP Rocky To Appear On Stage +140
  • Rihanna To Suffer A Wardrobe Malfunction +500
  • Jay Z To Appear On Stage +125
  • Drake To Appear On Stage EVEN
  • Rihanna To Propose Marriage To A$AP Rocky +2500
  • Rihanna To Announce That She Is Pregnant +1000
  • Rihanna To Announce Her Son’s Name +400
  • Rihanna To Trip And Fall Over +1600
  • Rihanna To Open An Umbrella +175
  • Rihanna To Wear A Bucket Hat +700
  • Cardi B To Appear On Stage +350
  • Katy Perry To Appear On Stage +500
  • Chris Brown To Appear On Stage +1200

There are pretty decent odds for A$AP Rocky to make an appearance during Super Bowl LVII Halftime. We wouldn’t bet on that outcome, however, as he and Rihanna’s relationship is now over after cheating allegations.

That said, Super Bowl gamblers can earn a stack of cash by wagering on A$AP Rocky prop bets if he shows up.

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Rihanna And Chris Stapleton Prop Bets Provided By Bovada Sportsbook