NFL Draft Prop Bets Now On The Table In Some States

Each April, top offshore sportsbooks roll out a full slate of odds for events occurring during the NFL Draft. This year the draft is receiving extra attention because it is the only major sporting event to occur live over the last several weeks, with many in the USA still on lockdown due to COVID-19.

This unprecedented level of exclusivity for the NFL Draft has caused an increased volume of NFL Draft betting across the board. Las Vegas sportsbooks have traditionally shied away from offering betting lines for NFL prop bets, but this year’s particularly desperate situation has caused one major player to reconsider their stance.

William Hill – Nevada & New Jersey

William Hill is now offering over 100 different NFL Draft prop bets variations online from their New Jersey and Nevada facilities. The juggernaut sportsbook has posted over-under odds regarding where individual players will be drafted, whether players will be selected in a particular round, and many other options.

“This year’s draft will be by far the biggest handle we’ve seen. As an isolated event, there is more interest.”

– Nick Bogdanovich – William Hill US Director of Trading

Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and his ultimate destination have been what is moving the betting needle so far, according to Forbes. With the potential to be drafted anywhere from the second overall pick to the sixth makes the entire front end of the first round challenging to forecast.

With the draft being simulcast on ESPN, ABC, and the NFL Network, and it also being the only show in town in regards to major sporting events, the ratings should be some of the highest ever seen for the event.

Bettors in Pennsylvania are clamoring for in-state opportunities to gamble on draft odds, but their state-regulated sportsbooks are limited to betting lines regarding which first-year players will win the end of season rookie of the year awards.

That represents an NFL futures bet that will take several months to pay off, and doesn’t offer the excitement that a same day payout provides.  Gamblers will be tempted to seek other outlets to scratch that betting itch.

Prospective players interested in betting on the NFL Draft in states other than Nevada or New Jersey will likely have to venture offshore and wager with an online sportsbook. Because there is no mention of offshore gambling via an online means in most state law books, betting on the NFL with one of these sites does not violate any law.

From the comfort of a back porch on a sunny afternoon, bettors can cruise the different offshore sites and shop the various odds offered for the draft, selecting the most advantageous betting lines.

Even if you are located near a physical location that offers odds on the NFL Draft, why travel to a smoky sportsbook to stand in line and wait to place a bet with loads of juice attached? Check out one of the many reputable options for legal betting online that are featured on this website for the best in NFL betting.