Legal U.S. Online Betting Guide For 2015

USA FlagThis website was developed as a resource guide for American residents who are interested in engaging in legal online betting. Lets be honest, the online gambling landscape in the US is nothing if not confusing. The complexity of state vs federal laws concerning gambling is not easy territory to navigate, and many USA gamblers are unsure what they can legally participate in and what is off limits. Inaccurate or out dated information about the legalities surrounding online gambling in the United States can land you in a questionable situation. As industry professionals, we recognized pretty quickly that there was a need for a concise, comprehensive and accurate resource guide that can shed light on this topic, and send American residents off as informed gamblers with a clear understanding of their options.

We come at this from two different directions. First and foremost, we are die hard online gamblers, avidly participating in legal online sports betting, online casinos and poker play. We also enjoy racebook action, bingo, and playing the lottery online. You will find sections within this guide that cover all of those types of betting. Secondly, we serve as professional industry consultants that are proficient in vetting legally licensed US online gambling sites and the services they provide. Combined we have several decades of gambling experience under our belts, and are well versed in the nuances present within this industry. We are also very familiar with the legalities of gambling from a state and federal perspective.

Our range of experience as players and professionals has provided us with a well rounded perspective of each niche within the industry. The information you find on is accurate, up to date and invaluable to players who enjoy gambling online, but want to do it legally within the confines of the law. The good news is there is nothing illegal about playing at an offshore gambling site as long as the website is located outside of the U.S. borders. Learn more below in our FAQ section.

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USA Online Casinos

USA Casino ImageOnline casinos are a dime a dozen. There are literally hundreds of casinos that gladly welcome all USA players looking to play real money games. But that doesn't mean that US players should move forward with any Tom Dick or Harry that calls itself an online casino. It's very important for players to understand which casinos are the most reputable in the industry, which sites are legally licensed to accept American players and also which sites offer the most lucrative bonuses. We've vetted the leading legal online casinos which have a proven track record in the industry that we guarantee will offer players a no nonsense ethical gambling experience with fair odds, fast payouts and excellent support. We only recommend the best sites that have been around for years.

Legal US Online Casinos

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USA Online Poker

USA Poker ImageThe online poker industry has (in poker jargon) thinned the heard in recent years. Many of the sites that were so popular in recent years have now pulled out of the US market in hopes that they could one day come back in under a regulated legal online poker market. So while the options for playing online poker in the United States aren't quite what they used to be, the good news is that some of the biggest and most reputable online poker rooms still operate and accept most USA players under an international license. This makes playing online perfectly legal for Americans because these sites are located offshore and out of the reach of the US government.

Legal US Online Poker Sites

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USA Sports Betting

USA Sports ImageThere seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the legalities of betting on sports in the United States. This is mainly due to current laws such as the Federal Wire Act and Paspa that directly address sports betting. And unless you have a law degree, interpreting these laws and what they actually aim to accomplish is easier said than done. Our legal online sports betting guide covers many of the legal questions and concerns players typically have and also reviews the top rated offshore sites that are legally licensed to accept USA players. We only recommend a handful of sites that have proven to be reliable and trustworthy destinations for US players.

Legal US Online Sportsbooks

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What Is The Current Legal Status Of US Online Betting In 2015?+

In the United States, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) was passed to regulate online gambling in America. The law placed strict regulation on how online gambling transactions could be processed. However, the common misconception regarding this law is online gambling became illegal which would be incorrect. The UIGEA only made it illegal for banks to process any transactions related to online gambling, but did not specifically go after players. In addition, the American US Department of Justice in 2011 allowed for wagering on horse races and lotteries online, as well as deciding that each state in the US should decide its own online gambling destiny. Since then, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have legalized some form of online wagering, with multiple states pushing forward with Internet gambling legislation as well, such as California. Legal online betting has many faces, and in the current atmosphere of increased popularity across social and economic borders which are easily transcended by the World Wide Web, will continue to change and grow in its many forms. While the legal and political landscape surrounding online gambling remains active and lawful, there are already some fantastic legal betting sites listed above to enjoy!

Is Online Gambling Legal In The United States? +

This question actually sounds simple, but has a complex answer. In most of the United States, US based online gambling is not legal if the site is located within the US borders. The few destinations that do offer state regulated gambling require that you be present within their state borders in order to participate. Most US players who are interested in participating in playing for real money will need to consider participating at legally licensed and regulated gambling sites that are located outside of the United States. There are no federal laws that prohibit US players from participating in offshore gambling that is legally licensed and regulated through a legitimate and respected governing jurisdiction. You can learn more about this by visiting our pages covering the individual US federal gambling laws for a comprehensive explanation of how each law governs gambling in the United States.

How Do I Know if an Online Gambling Site is Safe? +

The best way to ensure you only land at reputable, legitimately licensed and high quality gambling sites is to rely on the input of industry professionals. While we can't speak to other guides found on the web, was created by a team of online gambling professionals who carefully analyze the online gambling sites operating within the industry, and vet them for legal licensing and regulation, the quality of their security profile, their overall performance and quality level, and the value they bring or don't bring to the community. The review process is intense and complex, and effectively reveals the industry's leading options and eliminates the questionable, dangerous, low quality and undesirable destinations. Industry analysts have vetted all the brands listed in this guide.

How The Online Gambling Industry Got Started In The U.S.

Legal online betting began in 1994 when the twin-island Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing act. This allowed licenses to be given to companies for opening online casinos. Legal casino betting continued to evolve in 1996, when the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was formed. As a regulatory branch of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Quebec, Canada, they began policing and issuing licenses to worldwide legal online casinos and poker rooms. This marked the first attempt to regulate legal U.S. online betting by providing fair and transparent operations.

By 1997, online gambling had exploded in popularity, with more than 200 websites offering online casinos, up significantly from 15 websites in 1996. A report by respected Market Research firm Frost and Sullivan showed that way back in 1998, legal online betting revenues had reached an impressive $830 million globally. That was also the first year that online poker appeared on the World Wide Web. And interactive multiplayer gambling online began a year later, allowing a community type of experience, with the ability to chat with other players.

All in all an industry which is less than 20 years old, legal online betting is still in the early and informative stages of growth, with more and more players asking the question: is gambling on websites legal? H2 Gambling Capital, a leading gambling industry marketing, data and consulting firm, has estimated that online gambling as recently as 2008 generated more than $21 billion in global revenue. And there are currently many forms in which players from the US and around the world can enjoy some responsible and legal online betting. Legal Online Sports betting and casinos are popular worldwide, while the popularity of online poker on the Internet increased exponentially after the World Series of Poker win by amateur Chris Moneymaker in 2003. The accountant earned a seat in the $10,000 buy-in event by winning a $40 satellite and went on to win the $2.5 million first place prize.

Legal bingo betting online has just recently become extremely popular, mirroring the land-based growth bingo saw in the 1970's. And legal horse betting is also offered, either at specific horse betting websites, or more commonly as one feature of an online sportsbook. Many casino websites offer a collection of online slots, video poker, progressive and table games electronically, while also delivering legal online casinos to American players as well as the rest of the world.