Legal March Madness Betting For 2018

USA Friendly Basketball FlagNo two words evoke emotion among basketball betters more than "March Madness." Utter these words, and some gamblers may start salivating. But what is so special about March Madness that it not only stirs so much emotion but also drives the exchange of so much money? Let's have a look at what March Madness is, different strategies for betting on the tournament, and even a look at why so many people love it. First we will discuss the legalities surrounding March Madness betting and college basketball betting in general. This part of the betting equation can be confusing, so we've delivered the information in an easy to digest and understand format that really eliminates a lot of the complexity regarding the legal status of the US gambling landscape.

Is it legal to bet on the March Madness college basketball tournament in the US?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It really boils down to the location of the sportsbook destination at which you want to participate. There are two federal laws that govern sports betting in the United States: the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and the Federal Wire Act. These two laws combined prohibit USA based online and offline sports betting, with the exception of four specific regions that were exempted from the PASPA law when it was enacted. Those 4 states are Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. Of those four, only Nevada and Delaware offer their residents and visitors any type of sports betting, and Nevada is the only big player in the scene. Betting options are extremely limited in Delaware.

While these two gambling laws do effectively restrict US based sports betting, they do not have any impact on legally sanctioned offshore sports betting. These federal laws do not prohibit US residents from placing bets on the March Madness basketball tournament through online sportsbooks that are legally licensed, regulated, and located outside of the United States. The kicker here is to be sure you restrict your betting action to only those destinations that are verified to indeed posses legitimately licensing and certifications. Should you participate in any type of unlicensed sportsbook gambling, you may be in direct violation of state and federal laws. The sportsbooks that we recommend are all vetted by professionals and are guaranteed to offer licensed betting services.

While you may have heard that the UIGEA makes it illegal for US residents to participate in online gambling, I can assure you that this is not the case. In fact, the UIGEA bill does not even address player participation. The law is directed at online gambling site operators and payment processors. The law simply places regulatory oversight regarding how gambling related transactions can be processed in the US. You will never hear about a player who was investigated on charges of violating the UIGEA, because the law deals with industry professionals, not those who participate in their services.

Take for example the 2011 Poker Black Friday events. No players were investigated or permanently deprived of the funds associated with their account. Some players did experience delays in gaining access to their funds when the business assets were frozen, however this was a temporary situation that was resolved.

Legal March Madness Betting Sites

As mentioned several places on this page, it is imperative that you restrict your betting activities to only legitimate sportsbooks that are verified to be operating legitimately within the industry, such as the sportsbook brands you see recommended in this guide. Our team has carefully reviewed and evaluated every element of these sportsbooks and their operation. We not only verify their credentials, but we take a close and thorough look at their security profile, the quality of their betting lines, paylines, banking suite, customer support, user interface, and many more components to their business.

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Top Online Sportsbooks
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Many of the sites we recommend below offer some killer march madness promotions. But it's a little premature to list these promos since we are still a couple weeks away from the tournament tip off and the sportsbooks haven't posted their bracket contests yet. We will update this page accordingly once we have a good idea on which sites are offering what.

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Best Strategy for Betting on the March Madness NCAAB Tournament

Many people have strategies for betting on their basketball brackets when March Madness rolls around, but let's be honest here: Few of them are actually lucrative. By and large, most strategies are just wives tales or some variation of a numbers scheme created by people who aren't exactly mathematicians. This leads to a lot of money lost. Do we have more solid strategies for you to use? Yes and no. First, don't take these as gospel. There is no way to be mathematically sound for a sure bet. It's just impossible. However, there are different ways to limit your risks and to increase your odds of success. Those are the methods we'll be touching on below.

The particular strategy is one we'll refer to as a thinned field. When the tournament first starts up in March Madness, you have 68 separate teams. Attempting to bet on this opening round will be incredibly difficult, as you can be sure of many upsets and a whole lot of things being shaken up. The next round, which consists of 34 teams, is easier to grasp, but still a minefield of upsets and heart-breaks. The most sound strategy is to wait until the Sweet Sixteen to begin your betting. Once the field has been set with teams that have already won two games, you start to get a solid feel for what teams can do. You have more stats to go by. You can see if the team you like has been playing well; you can check their team stats for offensive and defensive output, and you can juxtapose them against their opponent for a measured decision. This also gets you past the curse of the high seed. For instance, you may no longer be tempted to take a #1 just because it's a #1. You may run into a 1 vs. 4, with the 4 actually looking more favorable.

By waiting until the round of 16 to study and bet, not only do you have a broader body of work to look at for your decision, but you also have less general chaos. Things have settled down and you can simply judge teams based on merit and not only on seeding and knockout potential.

How March Madness 2018 Is Expected To Play Out From Our Point Of View

March is the time for the most exciting college basketball of the year. Selection Sunday takes place on March 11. At that point, you’ll know the 68 teams in this year’s March Madness tournament and can start planning your betting strategy. College basketball is more unpredictable than the NBA. Each year, March Madness has plenty of upsets, breakout underdogs and more. From a betting standpoint, it is a potential gold mine given the number of bets you can place over the course of the tournament. UNC are the defending champions, and while they are expected to do well again, there are plenty of teams capable of dethroning them.

As of now, the projected top-seeded teams are Virginia, Villanova, Xavier and Kansas. The projected No. 2 seeds are Duke, Michigan State, Purdue and UNC. You’ll recognize some of these teams as usual suspects in people’s March Madness brackets. The ACC is expected to turn out 9 teams in this year’s tournament. We’ve already seen where Virginia and UNC fall, but there are also Miami, Clemson, Duke, Notre Dame, Florida State and NC State to consider. Most analysts don’t see Louisville making the cut. In the Big Ten, Michigan State and Michigan are on people’s radars. There are also Wisconsin, Nebraska and Ohio State to bear in mind. The Big 12 will have a high number of schools in the tournament as well, though Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are amongst the favored teams.

Before the definitive rankings come out, teams must compete in their respective conference tournaments. These could make or break several teams’ seasons. We’ve included our predictions to win the conferences below:

  • Duke (ACC)
  • Rhode Island (Atlantic 10)
  • Kansas (Big 12)
  • Villanova (Big East)
  • Middle Tennessee (Conference USA)
  • Nevada (Mountain West)
  • Arizona (Pac-12)
  • Auburn (SEC)
  • Gonzaga (West Coast)
  • Cincinnati (AAC Tournament)
  • Pennsylvania (Ivy League)

Once the tournament starts, keep an eye on the teams competing in the first round, as some of these teams could make a run and upset some top-seeded teams. Duke will be a team to watch, especially with senior Grayson Allen in his last year. A lot of sportsbooks have Villanova winning the championship, and oddsmakers make their picks after careful consideration. Gonzaga, St. Mary’s, Virginia and Michigan State will definitely be high up in a lot of brackets.

If you are looking to bet on the tournament, you can go about it in several ways. For example, you can place bets on each individual game in the tournament. Or, you can place a future bet on the team you think will win outright. March Madness betting is similar to making a bracket, though you can make money with each game. Also, if you lose a bet, your busted bracket doesn’t mean you have to stop wagering. You can also place prop bets on team and player stats throughout the tournament.

Why Fans Love March Madness

If you were forced to bottle up reasons for why fans love March Madness, what would you say? The obvious is that it's the year's biggest, fastest tournament. But more than that, it's the type of story America loves. It's like Rocky Balboa every year, when a team that barely limped in makes it to the Elite Eight and threatens to take it all. It never fails; it proves that motivated kids can truly control their fate. The one-off system is also something fans love. While many complain that the NFL's playoff system doesn't provide enough opportunity, since it's a one-off, this is actually an aspect of college ball that we appreciate more than the NBA. Sure, a seven-game series has its high points, but there's something about a one-off that's truly exciting. Anyone can beat anyone, and often we see this happen. It's an opportunity for smaller schools to become bigger names, and we love the total ambiance of the tournament.

Just remember to not allow your love for the tournament to lead to misplaced bets. Always study what you're betting on, and always make informed decisions. Try to wait until at least the Sweet Sixteen before you start gambling real money, and never neglect to look at team stats to get an idea of how teams play against stiff competition.

March Madness Dates And Schedule For 2018

Selection Sunday starts on March 13th, 2018. Final Four starts March 31st and the championship game is played on April 2nd for the whole enchilada.

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