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USA Friendly Basketball FlagThe National Basketball Association was created in New York City, USA in June of 1946, originally named the Basketball Association of America (BAA). That was the humble beginning of the premier professional basketball organization in the world, and today legal online NBA betting determines the winner of billions of dollars. There are even those professional gamblers like Haralabos "Bob" Voulgaris who make a fabulous living betting only NBA basketball games, using complex computer algorithms and formulas. NBA betting lines are offered by a multitude of websites, and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Internet sportsbooks where you can legally place a wager on a National Basketball Association game no matter where you power up your PC or smartphone. Betting on basketball in general is widely popular with both the NBA and college basketball levels.

The veteran basketball bettor has accounts open at several reputable legal NBA betting online websites, and after studying a particular contest, makes his play at the site which offers the most attractive number. Whether betting a side, money line, total or placing a halftime bet, the availability to quickly place a wager after studying multiple NBA betting lines is a successful NBA betting strategy employed by experienced Internet sports gamblers. When you like the Celtics as an underdog and you are forced to take 3 points because you only have an account at one online sportsbook, you are not giving yourself the best chance at winning if there are other competing and trustworthy legal online betting portals which are offering Boston +3.5 or 4, and you do not hold an account at those legal US spotsbooks.

Over the years we have come to realize that having access to multiple NBA betting odds, quick mobile Internet access from our smartphone, tablet or laptop, and legal NBA betting online availability in our jurisdiction forms an efficient NBA betting strategy. In this day and age even American gamblers can enjoy online NBA betting that is legal, as long as they place their Internet wagers through a U.S.A. friendly online sportsbook which is legally licensed and registered outside of the physical United States. This means the successful NBA gambler from the US, UK, or any other country takes the time to become intimately familiar with the licensing, safety and security, integrity and banking process offered by several competing Internet sportsbooks before opening a money account. Learn more about accessing reputable sportsbook brands in our section dedication to online sports betting site reviews.

Is Betting On NBA Basketball Legal In The US?

The NBA betting legality for U.S. players is not in question. There are multiple options which are licensed and regulated outside of the United States that offer legal sportsbook wagering to American NBA fans. The law which causes some confusion among players is the UIGEA bill that was signed into law back in 2006. This piece of legislation addresses regulation of how online gambling transactions are processed, and does not prohibit USA players from participating in online gambling entertainment. The bill is designed to protect players and their investment, and is targeted at the online gambling sites and not the players. We expect the range of opportunities for U.S. players to grow as states continue legalizing online gambling in their respective territories. As those options become available, we will list them in our guide once they pass our vetting process.

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October 29, 2013 the champion Miami Heat hosted the Chicago Bulls for the kickoff game of the 68th National Basketball Association (NBA) season. This season's playoffs begin Saturday, April 19, 2014, and the Miami Heat are certain to open up early NBA betting lines as the favorite to once again win the title. Those Internet gamblers currently betting on NBA legally from their smartphone or PC will employ many different betting strategies to try to find a winning edge, and you probably have a specific system you use as well. For instance, some esoteric gamblers have pointed out the fact that when NBA referee Joey Crawford officiates, the home team has a distinct disadvantage when you place an ATS bet on them.

Entering the 2012 - 2013 season, home NBA teams were 70 - 95 ATS when Crawford was officiating the previous three seasons. Savvy gamblers that noticed this peculiar circumstance were paid off in the early 2012 - 2013 season, as the "Crawford effect" home teams covered against the spread only 5 out of the first 19 games he officiated last year. And gamblers who are successful year in and year out in their legal online NBA betting understand that being able to confidently place a wager quickly and reliably is just as important as uncovering golden betting nuggets like the one we just mentioned. This means exhaustively reviewing an online sportsbook for safety and security, multiple and speedy banking options, integrity and dependability.

Unfortunately, there are some rogue and predatory sites which lure you with very attractive NBA betting odds, and then hit you with huge withdrawal fees, extremely slow bet placement and verifications, and unreliable software. While we definitely suggest maintaining several accounts at different NBA online betting portals, we recommend you perform due diligence before plunking down your cash. We intensively review currently legal Internet sportsbooks on a continual basis, and are very demanding of any site where we plan on enjoying some legal NBA betting. The successful, veteran NBA bettor frequently checks the lines, holds open positions at multiple online sportsbooks, employs a successful and time-tested strategy, and jumps quickly on current trends, but only after identifying an online NBA sportsbook as reputable and secure.

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