Legal Online Superbowl Betting In 2016-2017

Houston Super Bowl LogoThe Superbowl is one of the biggest betting days on the planet with an estimated $100 million being wagered legally every single year via Las Vegas casinos. However it is estimated that almost $8 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl globally via illegal bookies and offshore betting sites. No matter how you place your bet, there is no denying that betting on the Superbowl is something American's love and are passionate about.

Our guide to betting on the Superbowl offers a lot of great content for football enthusiasts. Whether you want to learn about the legalities of betting on football games in the United States, view the latest betting odds or find expert picks, our guide covers it all. We even offer our own personal recommendations on where to bet on the big game and which sportsbooks are the highest rated and most trusted for USA players.

Is Betting On The Superbowl Illegal In The United States?

A lot of players want to know whether or not betting on the super bowl is illegal in the United States. The short answer is no, there is nothing illegal about betting on any sporting event including the Super Bowl via an online sportsbook. What is illegal in the US is the act of offering sports betting as a business. For example your local bookie taking sports bets via a private website is illegal, but the act of you placing the bet isn't.

Currently there are only 4 US states that have legalized online gambling as of 2017. However, none of these states allow online sports betting due to Paspa and the Federal Wire Act. So you won't find any USA companies taking bets. But as we mentioned above, federal regulations only outlaw companies from owning and operating from within the United States. This means these offshore bookmakers can legally offer their betting services to American players as long they are licensed and located outside of physical U.S. borders in a jurisdiction where sports betting is 100% legal. So in closing, this means placing a bet on the Superbowl is not considered illegal in the United States.

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Current Superbowl 51 Betting Odds

My Pick: I've been right the past 3 years in a row. Just saying...

This year I am taking the over 59 buying the hook. We've got 2 of the highest powered offenses in the NFL matching up Super Bowl Sunday and I expect it to be a shoot out. I also love the Atlanta team total to go over 28. They've only scored below 28 twice the entire year and they are playing their best ball now. It does scare me a little going against coach B as he is known for shutting down the top guys on the opposing team, but Atlanta has so many weapons that I still like the bet. I'm a what have you done for me lately kind of gambler, and ATL has been rolling. I'm probably going to tease the Falcons to +10 and over 51 as well. Good luck which ever way you decide to go.

Last Updated: 02/04/2017

The odds posted below are updated daily directly from Bovada Sportsbook. Bovada is the most trusted online sportsbook for US players. They are a name you can trust and they always pay. You can view the latest odds and check out their current super bowl promotion by visiting Bovada Sportsbook.

Super Bowl 51 Betting Odds
Patriots VS Falcons
New England Patriots -3   Atlanta Falcons +3
Money Line Odds
Pats -155   Falcons +135
Over 59.5 -105   Under 59 1/2 -115
Prop Bets
Odds Not Posted Yet    

Teams that are showing a strike through have been eliminated from the 2017 NFL playoffs.

Teams Eliminated From The Playoffs
New York Giants +1600 Oakland Raiders +6600 Detroit Lions +6600
Houston Texans +6600 Miami Dolphins +6600 Dallas Cowboys +400
Kansas City Chiefs +900 Green Bay Packers +375 Pittsburgh Steelers +425

Basic Information About Super Bowl Sunday

What IS The Date Of The Superbowl: Super Bowl LI will be held on Sunday, February 5th, 2017

When Is Kickoff Time? 6:30 Eastern Standard Time

Teams: AFC champion New England Patriots vs. NFC champion Atlanta Falcons

Where: NRG Stadium, Houston

Which TV Channel? Fox

Announcers: Joe Buck (play-by-play), Troy Aikman (analysis), Erin Andrews and Chris Myers (sideline reporters)

Who Is Playing The Half Time Show? Lady Gaga

Can I Stream The Super Bowl Live Online? Yes via CBS Sports

How Can I Bet On The Super Bowl? Just visit one of the licensed offshore sportsbooks we recommend above and you can claim a special welcome bonus just for signing up and making your first deposit. So essentially you will be betting on their dime with a no risk bet.

About Betting On The Superbowl Legally In The United States

USA Friendly FlagLegal online Superbowl betting definitely has a place in our society. With an estimated 200 million people wagering on the outcome of the game worldwide, the popularity of the Superbowl is beyond question. The game itself is the culmination of the National Football League (NFL) season every year, and represents the annual championship game of the NFL, which is the premier level of professional American-style football in the United States. Since the product is US made, the vast majority of money which changes hands during this incredible sporting event takes place in the United States. Las Vegas is a world-renowned gambling center, and is located in the state of Nevada, where sports fans routinely bet more than $90 million on the outcome of the game in that state alone. And the financial planning website Mint believes that over $8 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl every year around the world, both legally and illegally. You can find out how things are looking for Super Bowl contenders at the beginning of this year's season with our 2016 NFL football preview.

As you probably are aware, access to a computer with an Internet connection has never been greater in the history of mankind than it is today. This means that reliable and trustworthy online Superbowl betting is literally at your fingertips. One in seven human beings owned a smartphone as of 2013, and that number grows every year. This is a reflection of the attractive "always available" access the World Wide Web offers that our mobile devices provide. As mentioned on our college football page, there are routinely over 2.5 billion web surfers on the planet, and with the availability to watch sporting events on the high-resolution, big screen displays of our smartphones and tablets, mobile Internet access and online Superbowl betting are two popular activities which successfully go hand-in-hand.

Did you know that the Super Bowl is the most watched annual sporting event in the world? And even though the National Football League is a relatively young sports product (the league was formed on August 20, 1920) comparatively, the Super Bowl is many times the most watched TV program of the year, not just the most viewed sporting event. Anywhere from 80 to 90 million Americans are watching the Super Bowl at any one time during the game, with an estimated total audience of between 150 and 180 million in the United States alone. And between mobile PCs, smart phones and traditional television sets, the incredibly popular game has a potential audience of more than 1 billion people in over 200 countries every year. As a spectator sport, this single game could be the most popular of all time, and through 2013 a full four different Superbowls showed up on the respected Nielsen list of the top rated television programs of all time. Based on those figures, you can imagine the volume of wagers that are targeting online football betting just for this event!

Fortunately for Super Bowl fans who like to add some excitement to their viewing pleasure by placing a wager on the outcome, online NFL Superbowl betting is more accessible than ever before. Legislation in the United States and around the world regarding online gambling in many different forms has been much friendlier towards Internet wagering than it has in previous decades. And it just makes sense that sports fans in the USA, Europe, Asia and elsewhere across the globe should be able to place a wager as responsible adults on such a popular sporting contest and entertainment performance. Many people watch the Super Bowl who never view an NFL game throughout the entire year, because the business that is the National Football League does such a good job of packaging and presenting this unique contest. Some tune in every year just to watch the multimillion dollar Superbowl commercials, and this only increases the popularity of this event across multiple demographics, not just for the sports fan. The Superbowl is an intricate element in the legal online gambling arena.

Current Status of Online Superbowl Betting Legality in the US

One might think that with the incredible popularity and support that the Super Bowl enjoys in the United States, and the massive amounts of money which are wagered on its outcome every year, that legal online Superbowl betting would be widespread in America. Unfortunately, because of a cloudy picture regarding the legality of US Superbowl betting online, many US residents and visitors do not realize that placing a wager on the game is legally possible. Current USA law has some stringent rules about how online gambling transactions can be processed. However, the UIGEA bill which regulates Internet gambling to protect American citizens is only aimed at those companies which run afoul of banking regulations, and a single American citizen has never been prosecuted for Internet gambling.

There are legitimate online gambling license providers located offshore, in Canada, Europe and other jurisdictions which register trustworthy and reliable Internet sportsbooks and casinos, and is at these web portals where US residents can legally enjoy online Superbowl betting. And in recent years forward thinking states like New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have passed legislation which allows some forms of online gambling, with more states pushing to join that select group every year. As long as a US resident places a wager at a an Internet sportsbook or casino that is located outside of the United States and which has been legalized and certified to offer online gambling, the experience is as legal as watching the Super Bowl is enjoyable and exciting. Learn more about where to bet on the Super Bowl in our online sportsbook reviews.

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