How to Legally Bet on Thanksgiving Day Football Games Offering Previews, Odds And More

USA Friendly FlagWhile some refer to this technological era as the age of information, it could just as well be expressed by calling it the age of disinformation. After all, for every fact you can find online, it will be surrounded by hordes of information masquerading as facts but, at best, are exaggerations and untruths. For instance, how many Americans know that betting on sports is actually perfectly legal? Sadly, with all the disinformation floating around online, many Americans believe it's illegal to gamble via the Internet. When, in actuality, it's 100% legal for you to sign up with a sportsbook and to place as many NFL bets as you want.

This is an important fact to know, particularly if you're a fan of the NFL on Thanksgiving Day. The three games being played on turkey day may just be some of the most exciting all year. We have two divisional match-ups to be played, and then a battle in the AFC between two 5-5 teams vying for the playoffs. The action will be intense, and the bets will pour in by the millions. If you're hoping to make a bet on Thanksgiving, let's go over a quick user guide that will help you pull it off.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Bet on Thanksgiving Day Football

Step 1: Find the Right Website

The first step in any betting process will be finding the right website with which to bet. But how do you go about finding the “right” sportsbook when there are hundreds or more to choose from? Before services like ours came along, the answer would have been lengthy and complicated; that is to say, you would have had to employ trial and error to test these sites to see which were the best. Or, even worse, you would have had to rely on paid reviews of sites, which are never accurate and only exist to push affiliate links. Luckily, you don't have to go down either of those treacherous roads. Simply check out our list of the top-five online sportsbooks open to USA players, and rest assured that you're signing up with a quality site.

Just a few words here to let you know you're finding the right sites with us: We go through painstaking measures to play with and review these sites, and we're not listing sites unless they meet our stringent criteria, which includes but isn't limited to a great reputation, tight security, banking options, great bonuses and promos, live and prop betting, solid support, and much more. So you're going to be able to find a winning site by choosing from our list.

Step 2: Follow All Requisite Sign-Up Steps

When you choose a site, make doubly sure that you're following every single one of the site's sign-up rules. If you're not following the site's rules and regulations, you could very well face issues with your money or with your bets. You might not even be able to log on unless you have followed the steps correctly. We're not talking about anything complex here; usually is the case that you'll need an email, a browser that's rated for use, and you'll simply have to follow the guidelines of betting and behavior. Do those things and you're well on your way to enjoying the site and placing your bets.

Step 3: Work Out a Budget

Unfortunately, many individuals attempt to use sports betting as some get-rich-quick formula, whereby they're placing very large bets and are blowing through their money after one string of bets. Say you have a starting stack of $500, and you decide to place the full $500 on the games. That's tremendous if you win; it's a huge windfall. But it's even more serious if you lose! Therefore, we strongly recommend setting up a budget for yourself. Never bet more than 10% of your stack on any one game, and never chase a loss by betting more money the next time. To ensure that you're making smart, logical, winning bets, simply refer to step #4 and follow the advice closely.

Step 4: Learn About the Teams Playing On Thanksgiving

You definitely want to learn about the teams before you place a bet. Don't simply bet with the Vegas lines. Oddsmakers aren't picking which team they think will win the game; what they're doing is setting a line that will hopefully draw equal amounts of action from both sites, which is how they balance their books and make a profit. So when you see that the Cowboys are -7, that's not a prediction; that's simply the line oddsmakers speculate will bring in bets 50/50 for each team. They predict that half the audience believes Dallas will win by more than 7, and that the other half believes the Redskins will come within a touchdown.

Therefore, it's incredibly important for you to look at starting rosters, weather conditions, injury reports, and to view stats on team momentum and win streaks, etc. The more knowledgeable you are of the teams in question, the higher the likelihood is that you will win a bet. We will provide you with a game preview below, but it's still up to you to ensure you're learning about the teams.

A Short Preview of the Thanksgiving Day Games Covering Odds And Predictions

Vikings @ Lions

The line: Detroit -2.5, Minnesota +2.5, O/U 43. This means Detroit is a slim favorite, in the context of a line favorite, and basically the oddsmakers have this one quite even because that's how it's seen everywhere. Each team is 6-4, and Detroit has a slim tie-break “lead” in the NFC North.

What we expect to see with the game: We fully expect the Lions to really open up on offense. With Golden Tate and Marvin Jones, Jr. catching passes from Matthew Stafford, the Lions have one of the league's most explosive offensive squads. They're never out of a game where they can score at any time. Minnesota's defense started its first 5 games looking like something out of the '70s, but in recent weeks they have taken a step back. We believe that Detroit's ability to score the football will ultimately be too much, and that the Lions are going to win by at least a touchdown.

Redskins @ Cowboys

The line: Cowboys -7, Redskins +7, O/U 51.5. This line is saying that oddsmakers are prepared for a high-scoring affair. They're not expecting any team to put up a blow-out, but they are expecting some serious points to be scored. 51.5 is the highest baseline for O/U all week.

What we expect to see with the game: The Cowboys' rookies on offense, Prescott and Elliot, behind the league's number-one offensive line, will ultimately be too much for the Redskins to handle. Cousins and Crowder make a deadly combination, and likely will be the case that Washington hangs around in the game. But they will never be within a touchdown after the first quarter. Dallas is practically scoring at will, and we can see at least a 12-point victory happening in Dallas, with a score going well over the O/U.

Steelers @ Colts

The line: Steelers -8, Colts +8, O/U 47.5. This means that oddsmakers understand that the Colts aren't inspiring much confidence among gamblers. Were Andrew Luck starting, likely is the case that Pittsburgh would only be favored by a field goal. But since it's expected that the Colts won't have any offensive prowess to display on the field, gamblers need a wider spread to take the Colts.

What we expect to see in the game: We fully expect Big Ben to have one of those 4-TD games that he was famous for last season. We don't expect any full-on blowout here, as the Colts will likely be able to torch the Steelers' defense a time or two. But every time the Colts begin to make headway, Pittsburgh can score to keep the margin wide. If we were setting the line, we'd give the Colts 10, so 8 is a pretty solid number, in our opinion, and a reason to take Pittsburgh to cover.

Please, remember to always bet responsibly, no matter what sort of game it is. Use the information provided above to help you select a winning sportsbook, and never over-extend yourself on your bets. Bet using your head, not your heart, and see if you can win some of the games to build up a nice stack!

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