Online NFL Draft Betting Guide For 2017

USA Friendly FlagNFL fans can enjoy betting on their favorite teams through licensed offshore sportsbooks throughout the season. There are betting lines on each matchup week after week, with a range of wagering types including point spread bets, over/under bets, parlays, prop bets, future bets and more. Nevada residents enjoy the luxury of placing bets through brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, as they are exempt from the federal ban (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) on sports betting. The Nevada Gaming Commission shook things up a bit this year by allowing a series of prop bets to be offered on the 2017 NFL Draft through their licensed sportsbooks. These betting lines won’t allow you to bet on when a certain player will be drafted, but will include things like betting on which conference has the most players drafted, how many wide receivers are drafted in the first round, etc.

All of the online sportsbooks we review offer betting lines on the NFL Draft, but theirs allow you to bet on specific players being drafted at certain points throughout. These types of betting lines are intriguing to those who actively follow the sport and believe they have insight into what the major league teams need in terms of rookie players. The NFL and sports betting are both billion-dollar industries. NFL Draft betting action is fast-paced and exciting.

This guide was created to inform interested bettors on how NFL draft betting works and the best ways to go about it. The NFL live Draft is set to take place from April 27-29, so bettors are already sizing up their potential wagers. You will also find helpful information on this page about the available NFL Draft prop bets and the odds as far as which players experts believe to be hot commodities. We have included a look at the legal side of betting on the NFL to assist you in making informed decisions that will keep you within the legal confines. Draft Day is one of the most exciting for fans, and NFL Draft betting is just another way to engage with the sport you love.

Is It Legal To Bet On The NFL Draft In The United States?

It is legal to bet on the NFL Draft in the US under two circumstances: If you live in Nevada or by using licensed offshore U.S. sports betting providers. Nevada residents get to enjoy unconditional sports betting through one of the various Las Vegas sportsbooks. All other US residents can bet safely and legally with offshore gambling sites. There are no state or federal laws that say anything about betting with an offshore gambling site as long as it is licensed and regulated by a respected, legitimate government.

Top Sportsbook Offering Betting Lines
On The 2017 NFL Draft

Most Reputable Online Sportsbooks
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Below you will find a list comprising our recommended sports betting brands that allow you to bet on the NFL Draft. Our team of industry professionals have compiled this list after verifying that each of these brands is legally sanctioned and regulated, has a strong security profile, offers industry standard betting lines and wagering types, has mobile/live betting capabilities and offers bonuses for their users. Click through the links provided to browse the NFL Draft betting sites for yourself.

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What You Need To Know For Betting On The 2017 NFL Draft

This next section has information that will assist NFL fans interested in placing bets on the 2017 NFL Draft. This information includes which NFL Draft prop betting lines are available and the odds as far as which players are being considered to go first. You will also find a complete list of the betting lines available via BetOnline’s sportsbook.

2017 NFL Draft Props

Our featured sportsbooks offer a variety of prop bets on the 2017 NFL Draft. Before getting into it, it is important to understand what prop bets are. Prop bets are betting on a specific occurrence or non-occurrence in a sporting event. This will make more sense as you see the NFL Draft prop bets available for the 2017 Draft. Below you will find a list of some of the examples of NFL Draft prop bets offered at various online sportsbooks. There are bets on specific positions like quarterback, conferences like the SEC and Pac 12, schools like Alabama and LSU, first and second round draft picks and more.

1st Wide Receiver Selected

Mike Williams -200
Corey Davis +200
John Ross +700

#1 Overall Pick

Myles Garrett -1000
Mitch Trubisky +700
Any Other Player +1200

1st Quarterback Selected

Mitch Trubisky -220
Deshaun Watson +240
Patrick Mahomes +800

1st Running Back Selected

Leonard Fournette -600
Dalvin Cook +1200
Christian McCaffrey +500

#2 Overall Pick

Solomon Thomas +125
Marshon Lattimore +900
Mitch Trubisky +500
Myles Garrett +900
Jonathan Allen +1000
Any Other Player +250

#3 Overall Pick

Jonathan Allen +325
Malik Hooker +350
Jamal Adams +350
Marshon Lattimore +700
Solomon Thomas +500
Deshaun Watson +800
Any Other Player +500

1st Defensive Back Selected

Malik Hooker +185
Marshon Lattimore +225
Jamal Adams +250
Gareon Conley +450

How Many Players From The SEC Drafted In Round 1

Over 10 ½ Players -170
Under 10 ½ Players +140

Most 1st Round Draft Picks – SEC v Big Ten

SEC Conference -4 ½ 1st Round Picks -115
Big Ten Conference +4 ½ 1st Round Picks -115

Most 1st Round Picks – SEC v Pac 12

SEC Conference -4 ½ Picks -145
Pac 12 Conference +4 ½ Picks +115

Most 1st Round Picks – Big Ten v Pac 12

Big Ten Conference -195
Pac 12 Conference +160

Number of Alabama Players Drafted In Round 1

Over 4 ½ Alabama Players +100
Under 4 ½ Alabama Players -130

Number of LSU Players Drafted In Round 1

Over 2 ½ LSU Players +115
Under 2 ½ LSU Players -145

Quarterbacks Drafted In The 1st Round

Over 3 ½ Quarterbacks +160
Under 3 ½ Quarterbacks -195

Running Backs Drafted In The 1st Round

Over 2 ½ Running Backs -300
Under 2 ½ Running Backs +240

Wide Receivers Drafted In The 1st Round

Over 2 ½ Wide Receivers -375
Under 2 ½ Wide Receivers +275

NFL Draft Odds

As you can see in the above list, the props odds for the 2017 NFL Draft are varied. They include wagering on specific positions like quarterback and running back, certain players going at certain positions (#1 overall, for example) and betting on how certain conferences will perform in regards to the amount of players drafted from those respective conferences. The latter bet is a classic example of a prop bet—you are wagering on the specific occurrence of the 10 ½ (over/under) players being drafted from the SEC conference. These odds allow you to put your knowledge of college and professional football to the test. Which players performed best in college? What do specific NFL teams need in terms of positions? Would this team really wager on this player? In a way, NFL teams are wagering on these players just like you will be doing.

Who Will Go First?

The #1 overall pick is the most sought after position in the NFL Draft order. The first round is always the most exciting, making first round draft picks the most valuable from a betting standpoint. The team who performed the worst in the regular season is usually bestowed with this honor to give them a better chance at getting to the Super Bowl. Oddsmakers have either Myles Garrett, a defensive end out of Texas A&M, or Mitch Trubisky, a quarterback out of the University of North Carolina. The Cleveland Browns are up first in the 2017 NFL Draft, and most analysts have them picking Trubisky on account of their QB problems. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson is another viable QB option. There are some quality running backs available in this Draft, including LSU’s Leonard Fournette, FSU’s Dalvin Cook and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey. Oddsmakers have Fournette as the coveted target, as he looks to be the most well-rounded player, but Cook and McCaffrey are both phenomenal offensive weapons that could help out any team’s running game.

On the defensive end, Ohio State has three big prospects in Malik Hooker, Gareon Conley and Marshon Lattimore. This is a testament to HC Urban Meyer’s program, as all three players will likely be drafted. LSU’s Jamal Adams is another candidate, while FSU’s Demarcus Walker is a strong safety option for teams to consider. Oddsmakers have Malik Hooker as the potential favorite, but is a close race.

One thing is for certain, the NFL Draft is unpredictable. Teams make trades in real time during the Draft, adjusting teams’ needs on the fly. NFL Draft betting lines can also be affected in real time, as a solid bet you’ve made might change if a team loses out on their #1 target. This is what makes sports betting, specifically NFL Draft betting, so exciting for fans and bettors alike. There are plenty of betting lines to choose from, so the odds are in bettors’ favor. Here is a listing of the current odds for NFL Draft positions:

Draft Position of Deshaun Watson

Over 12 ½ Pick +140
Under 12 ½ Pick -170

Draft Position of DeShone Kizer

Over 30 ½ Pick -130
Under 30 ½ Pick +100

Draft Position of Mitch Trubisky

Over 11 ½ Pick +190
Under 11 ½ Pick -240

Draft Position of Patrick Mahomes

Over 24 ½ Pick +150
Under 24 ½ Pick -180

Round of Selection for Chad Kelly

Round 1 to 5 +200
Round 6 +200
Round 7 or Undrafted +130

Draft Position of Dalvin Cook

Over 26 ½ Pick -115
Under 26 ½ Pick -115

Draft Position of Joe Mixon

Over 46 ½ Pick -165
Under 46 ½ Pick +135

Draft Position of Christian McCaffrey

Over 8 ½ Pick +105
Under 8 ½ Pick -135

Draft Position of Corey Davis

Over 18 ½ Pick +120
Under 18 ½ Pick -150

Draft Position of Jabrill Peppers

Over 28 ½ Pick -105
Under 28 ½ Pick -125
Draft Position of John Ross
Over 18 ½ Pick +110
Under 18 ½ Pick -140

Draft Position of Leonard Fournette

Over 4 ½ Pick -115
Under 4 ½ Pick -115
Draft Position of Mike Williams
Over 10 ½ Pick +145
Under 10 ½ Pick -175

Round of Selection for Joshua Dobbs

Round 1 +300
Round 2 +200
Round 3 +300
Any Other Round +200

Round of Selection for T.J. Watt

Round 1 -110
Any Other Round -120