2019 NFL Football Preview – Predictions for All 32 Teams

NFL Team logosBefore creating a projection model and betting on any of the 32 NFL teams, you need to know what each team looks like coming into the 2019 season and their odds of taking home the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the 100th season. A little preparation can go a long way for successful NFL betting action.

Here is a rundown of which teams we believe will win each division in the AFC and NFC, advance through the NFL Playoffs, and eventually win Super Bowl 54 at the end of the season.

AFC East

  • New England Patriots – Brady and Belichick show no signs of slowing down on the offensive side of the ball and the addition of Antonio Brown makes the team that much scarier. Expect the Patriots to win the division easily (again).
  • New York Jets – RB Le'Veon Bell joins the team after the year-long vacation in Pittsburgh, which gives the offense a much-needed playmaker out of the backfield. Unfortunately, QB Sam Darnold did not show a ton of promise in his rookie season and will need to step up huge in year two before the Jets can takeoff.
  • Buffalo Bills – QB Josh Allen is the future of the team, which looks a little bleak after his rookie season. Allen will need to drastically improve his passing game before the Bills have a chance to challenge the Patriots.
  • Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins need a ton of help and the only goal they should have this season is to #TankForTua, earn the No.1 overall pick and look to rebuild after having what will likely be the worst record in the league.


  • Baltimore Ravens – If Lamar Jackson can show that he's improved as a passer, then the Ravens will remain a threat to win the division. The defense lost some key starters, but that side of the ball should be able to maintain a Top-10 rank by the end of the year.
  • Cleveland Browns – The Browns are the division favorite and are a Super Bowl contender in the eyes of most experts, but I need to see it on the field before I believe it. OBJ gives the offense more firepower, but the defense needs to improve before "contender" is attached to their name.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Bell and Brown are gone, so Big Ben is the only Killer B left on the Steelers offense, which should cause fans and bettors to worry since the aging QB can be hit or miss as he enters his twilight years in the league.
  • Cincinnati Bengals – The Marvin Lewis era is finally over, and you shouldn't expect much of this team in 2019. Sure, the Bengals have some decent pieces in AJ Green and Joe Mixon, but Andy Dalton may be on his last leg in Cincy if the team doesn't get to the playoffs this year.


  • Tennessee Titans – If Super Mario stays healthy then I think this is the team to beat in the division, but that's huge IF. Derrick Henry could have a monster season, and the defense is arguably the most underrated in the league, so look for the Titans to scrape by the Texans and win the division.
  • Houston Texans – QB Deshaun Watson and DE JJ Watt stayed healthy last season and managed to win the AFC South. The loss of RB Lamar Miller will hurt their running game this season, but the team is talented enough to make the postseason.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Is Nick Foles, the savior for the Jags? Not even close since there are a lot more problems on this team that need to be addressed. The defense will likely finish in the Top 10 again, but without a playmaker on offense, you can expect the team to finish in the bottom of the AFC South.
  • Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck shocked the NFL world when he retired during the preseason, and the result was not kind for the Colts odds across the board. Expect Indy to finish near the bottom of the division without their star QB.


  • Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes dominated his first season as the starting QB for the Chiefs, leading them to within one game of appearing in the Super Bowl while having the NFL's top rank offense. Expect more of the same in 2019-20, but the defense will need a major overhaul before they can compete with the Pats.
  • Los Angeles Chargers – It's never good to not have your starting RB sit out the season due to a contract dispute, but it looks like Melvin Gordon is going to be this season's Bell. If Gordon doesn't play a down of football, then you can bet that the Chargers will be a middle-of-the-pack team.
  • Oakland Raiders – Jon Gruden cuts ties with another star player this season since AB is no longer in the silver and black. The team has a bright future, but a division contender is not in the cards as the team preps to make a move to Las Vegas next year.
  • Denver Broncos – On paper, the Broncos have a solid defense, but the offense is going to be a major concern for the team in 2019. Joe Flacco comes in as the starting QB and that should enough of a red flag to get you to stay away from betting on Denver in 2019.


  • Philadelphia Eagles – The team won its first-ever Super Bowl last season, and Philly fans hope the Eagles will fly high again. While the team returns a lot of its starting roster and gets QB Carson Wentz back, winning back-to-back is no simple task. Though, the team winning the division and making the playoffs is a pretty safe bet.
  • Dallas Cowboys – WR Dez Bryant is gone, and TE Jason Witten decided to hang up the cleats, leading many to wonder who Dak Prescott is supposed to throw to this season. It’s a good question, and the Cowboys will need to find a pass catcher and fast if they want to challenge for a playoff spot in 2018.
  • New York Giants – 2018 Second overall pick Saquon Barkley has the potential to be the best RB in the entire league someday, and the G-men could contend of a playoff spot. However, whether QB Eli Manning has enough left in the tank is the most important question and whether the team begins looking toward the future following this season.
  • Washington Redskins – Replacing QB Kirk Cousins and bringing in Alex Smith to replace him should be considered a downgrade. Smith plays the position safer than maybe any QB ever, and the team does have an underrated defense. However, it’s hard seeing the Redskins finish higher than third and fourth place in the division is probably the better spot for them.


  • Minnesota Vikings – Much of the Vikings success this season will depend on whether RB Dalvin Cook can stay healthy and be the explosive weapon that the offense needs him to be. If he can stay off the IR, then Minnesota is a dark horse to win it all.
  • Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers has a new head coach after the Packers failed to live up to expectations. A coaching change on defense has been made as well, so you may want to wait for a few games before going all-in on Green Bay. If the defense lives up to latest hype it has been receiving, then this could be a team to watch out for.
  • Chicago Bears – I'm still not quite sold on QB Mitchell Trubisky, and sure, fans in Chicago will have you believe he's going to lead them to the promised land once again. I think last season's success was partially due to the down year's from the Packers and Vikings having injuries rather than the Bears actually being a Super Bowl contender.
  • Detroit Lions – It's honestly hard to see Matt Patricia being around much longer as the head coach for the Lions, and that's after only one year with the team. The front office may say they are behind him, but if the Lions have only 4 to 5 wins at the end of the year, it'll to be easy to see them do a 180.


  • New Orleans Saints – The Saints have dominated this division since the Falcons choked in the Super Bowl, and Drew Brees - like Brady - seems to have found the fountain of youth. This team has the potential to win it all if their defense can break into the Top 10.
  • Carolina Panthers – RB Christian McCaffrey and QB Cam Newton are all alone on offense, and while that's great for their fantasy owners, it spells doom for how the Panthers will perform in 2019. Fortunately, a solid defense will get them out of jams but making the playoffs is likely as far as this steam will go.
  • Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons are a shadow of their former selves, and at this point, I'm going to go out on a limb and say their days as a contender are done in the Matt Ryan era. That is unless the defense is drastically overhauled at some point or they get a training staff that can keep players off IR.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This team was a mess last season, and it showed. Bruce Arians come in as the head coach, but I'm not sure he can salvage the situation on both offense and defense, but at least a high draft pick is in the cards.


  • Los Angeles Rams – The Rams got knocked down the mountain in the Super Bowl against the Pats, but despite losing some key players, I still think they take the division and go deep into the playoffs. The future of Gurley needs to be watched closely, however.
  • Seattle Seahawks – QB Russell Wilson continues to prove why he's one of the best and most consistent QBs in the business. The Legion of Boom is no more, and how the Seahawks rebuild their defense will determine how deep they go in the playoffs.
  • San Francisco 49ers – Jimmy Garoppolo was supposed to be the 49ers savior, but an early-season injury created a dark cloud that hung over the team all year long. The 49ers have some work to do but should improve significantly if Jimmy G can stay healthy. Expect an 8-8 season out of this team.
  • Arizona Cardinals – The Kyler Murray era begins out in the desert, and there's really nowhere to go but up for the Cardinals after finishing with the worst record in the NFL last season. While the Cards are still several seasons away from challenging for the division, they'll likely win a few games this season.


  1. New England Patriots
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Tennessee Titans
  4. Baltimore Ravens
  5. Houston Texans
  6. Cleveland Browns

AFC Conference Winner: New England Patriots

Before Josh Gordon was reinstated by the NFL and the Pats went out and signed Antonio Brown, I would've said the Chiefs would represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. However, the greatest player of all time now has four Pro Bowl WRs to throw to and has an elite defense to boot. Nobody in the conference will match the Patriots firepower as Brady-Belichick head to a 10th appearance in the big game.


  1. New Orleans Saints
  2. Minnesota Vikings
  3. Los Angeles Rams
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Green Bay Packers
  6. Seattle Seahawks

NFC Conference Winner: Minnesota Vikings

I picked the Saints to win it all last season, and they went on to get robbed in the NFC Championship game against the Rams. While I don't expect that to happen again, I do think they'll lose fair and square this year to the Minnesota Vikings. That is unless Cook gets hurt, then the Saints will probably get robbed in the conference title game against the Rams again.


Minnesota Vikings vs. New England Patriots

I think we can all agree that the Super Bowl last year was a terrible game to watch. If the Vikings and Patriots both make it, they should be able to provide some explosive offense since both teams are loaded with playmakers.

Although I'd like to see a Nick Foles-like performance out of Kirk Cousins, I'm just not sure if I'm confident enough to make that bet and pick the Vikings to beat the Patriots. Especially since Cousins has yet to even start in the playoffs, so this is about the limit of my "bold prediction" for Minnesota.

No, instead, I think - despite how un-original it might be - there is going to be no stopping the Patriots this year and will likely win this potential matchup by two scores.

Brady and Belichick will win a 7th Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl LIV in Miami, and the other 31 teams in the NFL will pray that the greatest coach and quarterback of all time have mercy on their souls for the 2020-2021 season.

Super Bowl LIV Winner: New England Patriots


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